Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Mexico 2016

Dream Puerto Aventuras.... uhm, yeah. Not so much a dream. Pretty crappy little place. Made the best of it. Atleast there were people to play sand volleyball with! Entertainment staff was fun Bernice and Jorge plus the other 2 unnamed guys. Noe at the family pool and Lenin at the adults pool were both great guys. Met a guy Mario from Chicago there with his wife and 5.... yup 5 kids. Got crazy smashed with him on wed? drinking Palomas - salted rim, ice, tequila, lime juice and Squirt/Fresca.
Mon - went for 3.75 mile run around the town, great short course, threw in some sprints.
Hit the gym tues or wed
Thursday morning went for a longer run, out of the marina and way down a brand new road until I hit another marina area. Did about 5.5 miles, it was hot and feet were hurting!
Friday hit the gym again for a quick set before breakfast.
Overall, sand volleyball was pretty fun, only played beach soccer once. Couple good games of volleyball in the pool too. Did the dolphin adventure, took a ride holding their dorsal fins, then a ride being pushed by 2 dolphins nose to feet, got straight up out of the water, was crazy. Did some kayaking, snorkling, katamaran ride, and zip lined across the beach.

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