Monday, August 24, 2015

G3 coming in strong

Monday - Catalyst warmup, minimal barbell
Snatch Grip Sots Press 3×5 - (2x5 75#, 1x5 80#)
Snatch (1-1-1-1-1-1 up to a strong effort for the day - 95, 115, 135x2, 140, 145 (failed 3x), 145. Did 150, but dropped to a knee, total shit show.
Snatch Pull 4×3@100-105% - 185# - started to feel something in right low back
Back Squat 5×2@75-85% - 235#, felt much better, keeping abs braced
Super Set 3 rounds of: 10 Back Extension (10# plate) & 10 Glute Ham Raise - (last round 5)

Tuesday - 500m row + 200m run warmup - not feeling 100%
3-4 Sets of 2-6 Bar Muscle Ups - did bar mu practce and ripped palm... great.
Superset 3 rounds of: 12 Hollow Body Ring Rows & 40 Hollow Rocks
Yoke Carry 3×100′ Yoke Carries - 1x50 out/back, 1x100 out/back
8 Min EMOM Alternating minutes of: Max L-Sit hold on parallettes & Max (up to 45s) Dead Hang from a bar - l sit from boxes 10 sec max, did 2 bar hangs from wrists only.
WOD- “Dr WIlly’s Revenge (+)”
7 Minute AMRAP of:
8R/8L Single Arm KB Snatch (53/35)
20′ Front Rack Lunge with 2 KBs
5 rounds - subbed kb swings, and used 1 kb goblet lunges.

Wednesday - Not feeling great. Hip is on fire.
Tried to go easy - 4x2 power snatch 115#.
Attempted 2 cleans, and done. Can feel the pain in my back again, psoas is messed up.

Thursday - Rest and saw Rodney.

Friday - Just some easy movements, push ups, handstands and stretching.

Saturday - G3 Day 1
WOD 1 - 150 Wall Balls, 150 Pull Ups, 450 Singles + amrap kb snatch. Flew through the wall balls pretty good, opened with 15-20 pull ups. Tried to hit at least 10 every turn. Did a huge hunk 200+ of the singles, but they took forever! Finished singles just in time, no kb snatches. Ripped hands open pretty bad, SUCKS!
WOD 2 - 3 Rep Hang Snatch. Opened with 135#, felt good. Attempted 145#, failed. Got 2 reps of 140# and just lost balance on last reps and fell to knees for a miss.
WOD 3 - 3 Rounds - 2 laps (300m) run + 20 Synchro OHS 75# - Easy wod, kept Robin moving on the run, we tried to hit 10/10 on the OHS, but last round broke more.
Big chow at Schlafly Brewery, good beer, pizza, turkey burger, cole slaw!

Sunday - G3 Day 2 - Not feeling horrible, hands sucked.
WOD 4 - 9 PowerClean + 6 FrontSquats + 3 S2O, then 100 pull ups as a team, then back through 9,6,3. - Felt pretty quick on the barbell work, 115# was easy. Pull ups were not as great, but pushed through them.
WOD 5 - Zig Zag Sprint - Did sooo good in warmups, then screwed up during my run. Tried using my arms to move poles out of the way, and threw off my feet and planting, still decent run.
WOD 6 - THIS WOD SUCKED THE LIFE OUT OF ME. - 12 minute cap - Row 400m (partner does 25 burpees), switch, do 25 burpees (partner does 300m row.) May have pushed the burpees too much, but wanted to be ready to go on thrusters. Then 70 Thruster 95# (partner holds front rack). Plan was to go 5's each. Nothing was easy on this. We had to break too much, thrusters felt SUPER heavy and slow. Just drained. After finishing, 50 hanging knee raises... I think I did 10?? HA! I was DEAD. 17th/20 teams... not bad for first comp for all of us. Tons of fun!

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