Monday, October 27, 2014

Scarry week... boo.

Monday - Skill - Max Reps burpee lateral jumps - only did 15.
20 min: 1 RM Push Jerk - 170#. Went for 175 twice, but just couldn't get it.
PostWOD: 3:30 min - max Cal row. 69 cals! Glutes were on fire.
Strength - Burgener Squats - 10x3 @ 207#. Felt easy.

Tuesday - GOOD DAY!
Skill - Max Height Box Jump - 39"! Think I could have hit 40, but chickened out.
Also worked on max dubs, weak showing of 42, and max hspu, shoulder only wanted 10, but they were rx kipping.
Strength - 1 RM Deadlift - BOOM! 315#, and did it 2 times! Went for 320, but not quite there. Pretty happy with double body weight!

Wednesday - easy day. 8x8 rows, 4x6curls, ran 1.75 mile with wy and jackson.

Thursday - Skill - Max time Handstand hold on wall - 1:45, rested then another 1:00.
1 Rep Max Bench Press - 165#.
CashOut - 2min max air squats - 84, went easy trying to warm up legs
Burgener Front Squats - 6x2.... supposed to be 222, started at 225, had to drop. Did 4x2 @ 205, 2x2 @ 215#.

Friday - 70 bro sesh - 12x1 deadlift 285#. 6x3 single arm strict press 35# right,  20# left,  plus cycled xband pulls.  3x10 good mornings 75#. 5x5 one arm ohs 53# kb. Finished off with 3 sets of 15 high wall balls, and did a couple with 25 and 35# slam ball.

Saturday - Wild in the Woods trail run with Wy. Freezing temps, but had a great time. We ran super easy just keeping it fun... until the last quarter mile, had to open it up, fly by a couple people, then have our sprint battle to the finish! He won by a nose. We both took second in age group, which was crazy. Rest of the day was pizza, then Sports Fusion for putt putt and some 2v2 bbal fun.

Sunday - rest day.

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