Monday, September 15, 2014


Monday - Early meeting and head cold holding on. Went to 70 to do Burgener squats. 10x3 @ 200#. Felt easy. Did 4x5 strict press, 65, 75, 85x3. Failed at 95... which is super depressing.

Tuesday - Still sick, early meeting. Did EMOM for10x10 push ups.

Wednesday - Skill - E:20sec for 16int - 1 HSPU negative.
3 deadlifts - Round 1&2 - 245#, 3-5 235#
6 strict pull ups
9 air squats
Completed 12 rounds + 15 reps
Strength - Burgener Front Squats - 10x3 @ 188#. Started pretty rough, but got easier.

Thursday - Easy day - 2 mile light ruck with dogs. 5x8 curls and rows. 4 min planks.

Friday - 1 mile warm up, then 3x12 evil wheel. Skill - E:20sec for 16 rounds - 3 banded air squats
Used 2 black bands, and held bottom of squat every other round with Sam. Quads were pumped after.
20 back squats( from ground)
12 burpee over bar
9:36. Used 135#. First 2 rounds were unbroken, with some breaks. Last round dropped bar after 10. Should have kept the bar up, but part of me wanted to do another clean. Post wod did some more cleans, 135 and 115, finished with 1000m row easy.

Saturday - 2 mile easy warmup.
75 push ups
50 power cleans 135#
25 pull ups
15:37? I think. Push ups got slow quick, down to 1 and 2s, sometimes 3 or 4. Power cleans were basically singles from the start. Took a break once the clean felt very bad. When I was able to get the elbows through fast and get the chest out for a nice rack landing it felt great. When I didn't, the collar bone took a beating. Pull ups were 5x5.
Stayed for Oly class. Warmed up with some snatch work, then 5x 1Power snatch + hang power snatch @ 105-115#. Then 5x3 snatch balance, worked up to 115#. Finished with 5x3 weighted good mornings, working up to 125 or 135.
Soccer game for Y, they lost. Dinner at Longhorn with Lori. Then party with 70 crew for Chris' birthday.

Sunday - 3 mile med ruck with dogs. Mowed the yard, then Whole foods , then another soccer match and a win!

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