Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall is here

Monday - Warm up with tabata grip holds and plank holds. Skill - E:15sec for 16 rounds 3 ball slams @ 40#.
*Max calories and reps
p1:10 cal row
p2: max burpees
p2: 10 cal row
p1: max burpees
Back and forth, teamed with Sam. 14:12, 193 burpees. Tried to keep 10 each round but most were 9, one was 8. At the half way point I misunderstood and went all out, thought we were done.
Burgener Back Squats - 10x3 @ 208#

Tuesday - 5x8 curls, rows. 10x10 emom push ups. 4 min planks. 3.5 miles before lunch.

Wednesday - 1 mile warmup. 45# waiter carry 5x75ft. Strength - 5×3 E:3min Front squats. 135, 165, 165, 185, 205 made 2 reps (gave in since still had Burgener later.)
10 min AMRAP
3 wall climbs
5 push presses 95# (actually did 6 reps each round)
7 box jumps 24" (actually did 9 reps each round)
Somehow I missed the rep scheme... did 3 - 6 - 9 instead. Got 5 rounds + 3 reps.
PostWOD  - Burgener Front Squats. 10x3 @ 195#. Back is feeling it now.....

Thursday - 4 miles. 6x8 db row and press

Friday - Warmup EMOM odd - 8 evil wheel, even 6 windshield wipers. Skill - E:15sec for 16int - 3  SDHP 95#. 8 rounds in dropped to 2, then switched to cleans.
*BUY IN 75 feet front rack walking lunges - 115#
15 wall balls 20#
15 kbs 62#
*CASH OUT  75 feet front rack walking lunges - 115#
13:37 - walking lunges were not fun.
Post wod Pot Luck chow fest! OMG ate too much.

Saturday - Did I mention I ate too much yesterday... well, today was the same.
Started with a 5K with Wyatt, 26:49, PR for Wyatt I believe. Then ran another 5K with Dennis, 27:50. Had pancakes after the run, or 5. Then headed to Oly lifting. Burgener warm up, then 6 rounds of 3 power cleans P1 + 3 push jerks, worked up to 105-115#. Then 20 min EMOM 2 power cleans + 1 squat jerk. First time doing them, worked up to 125#. We played a quick game of horse, then pig... I won both. Then to finish the day, headed to WF for Beer and Bacon. It was wonderful. Ate too much bacon, drank a little too much beer. Schlafly pumpkin is still the best, but a new comer AvaMaria brewed in Boubon barrels with cherry puree, really nice. Urban Chestnut has a new black pumpkin, Count Orlock that was interesting, no very 'pumpkiny'. And of course Four Hands Chocolate Milk Stout is always good.

Sunday - 3.5 mi light ruck with the dogs... and REST.

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