Monday, September 29, 2014

AOM, yup.

Monday - Did some band work to warm up. Skill - E:20sec for 16 int - 3 STO 95#. Only did 3 the first couple rounds, just too rushed, so dropped to 2. Felt better there. No WOD today.
Burgener Back squats - 10x3 @ 216#, e:2min. Felt good, third lift still coming up butt first.

Tuesday - 4.5 mi run around town. 5 min planks before dinner.

Wednesday - 1 mi warmup. Skill - jump rope. 1 min speed test = 87. Practiced movements for:
WOD - Backwards Filthy 50
50 of each:
double unders
wall balls 20#
back extension ghd
push press 45#
walking lunges
KBS 53#
jumping pull ups
box jumps 24"
28:12. This sucked pretty good, had to take a lot of breaks.

Thursday - Complete lack of energy today. Too many aches and pains, foot, wrist, knee.. bah.
Skill - 5x3 OHS. Started 95x5, 115x5, 135x3, 145x3, 155x3. Skipped the WOD.
Strength - Burgener front squats - 10x3 @ 195# (supposed to be 202) 200# last round. These felt super heavy.

Friday - Felling 'less than optimal.' Took another rest day, not enough energy. 2 mile ruck, no dogs.

Saturday - Headed to 70, started a warmup, but 7am needed a partner for wod, so jumped in.
Partner WOD 20 min
50 pull ups
50 dead lift 180#
50 Cal row
50 wall balls 20#
50 ring rows
50 wall balls
50 cal row
50 dead lift
50 pull ups
Finished all but 10 pull ups.split the moves up pretty even.
Post wod - worked on Hang snatch and Clean and squat jerk. Worked up to 155 clean and jerk (no squat.) and 125 full snatch.

Sunday - Went to the Cowbell Marathon, met up with Dennis for the first half, ran a bit with Jim at the 8mi, cam back and ran to the split with my mom. Grabbed some lunch then headed back out to see run the last half mile with Jim, then headed out 2 miles to meet my mom and walk the last 2 back in with her. Totaled 18+ miles on the day, legs are tired, and left foot is killing me.

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