Monday, July 28, 2014

The Games are Over...

Monday - Skill  10min Find Max Kipping Pull Ups. Left hand tore up, so wore grips. Could not hold bar for longer than 12-13. Worked on butterfly for rest of time.
20min Find: 1RM Deadlift
225, 255, 275, 295, 305# PR! Attempted 315 couple times, only made it to knees.
PostWOD Burgener back squats, 6x1 @ 95%. Felt super easy!

Tuesday - Skill - Max Unbroken Burpees - Did 50 and stopped, used as a warmup.
1 RM Overheard Squat
155#x3 (closer grip), 165#x3, 175#x2, attempted 185, could not fully lock out right arm. 180# - first attempt was not full depth, just at parallel. Second attempt was ass to grass! PR!
Post Strength - Strict Press - 65#x5, 65x5, 75#x3, 75#x2, 65#x5.

Wednesday - Easy run, 4.8 mi @ 8:33 pace. Left foot is killing.

Thursday - Skill - Max HSPU. 7 kipping. Then 16 kipping with 1 ab mat.
Strength - Burgener Front Squat. 10x3 @ 193#
Legs are definitely tired this week. Hip doc visit today.

Friday - Skill - Max Unbroken TTB - really only able to string 2 legit together. Get the movement 7 times, but not touching the toes to bar. Worked on it making multiple attempts each set.
20min find 1RM Push Press
worked up to 145# PR! Made 2 or 3 attempts at 150 but never able to lock out.
PostWOD - 6 Rounds
10 Deadlift (235# first 2, 225# next 3?, 215# last round)
10 Box Jumps 24"
10 GHD Sit Ups
Holy Hamstrings! That was a burner. Cycled this with Sam and Dennis, kept things moving!

Saturday - 12 min AMRAP. 100m 70# kb Farmers Walk + 7 goblet squats. Went Rx+ with 70#kb and 70# db. Made 6 rounds keeping up with Jeff!
Moved 20+ paver stones before lunch.

Sunday - 3.5 mile ruck with dogs. Then all day rest.

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