Monday, July 14, 2014

Brew in the Lou

Monday - Skill - kb hold and roll for Turkish get ups. Strength - 8 min EMOM
1 RM Split Jerk - 135#, 155#, 165# 175#, failed 185 2xs, then hit 180# easy! PR! Got more in me!
E: 45 for 16 INTERVALS
5 Burpees
150 ft Sprint
Tried to keep up with Ryan, he moves on the burpees, had to push the sprints.
PostWOD - Burgener back Squats - 10x2 @ 228#. Made it. Back is a little sore/tight/pain.

Tuesday - No skill work, just squat stretching on wall.
37 min AMRAP
400 Meter Run
7 Wall Climbs
15 Back Squats 135#
77 Double Unders
5 rounds + 410rep. Dubs sucked. Killed my momentum. Actually made it decent through the wall climbs, the squats were pretty rough after yesterday.
PostWOD - Deadlift 3x5 @ 185#, 3x5 @ 225#, 3x5 @ 255#

Wednesday - Rest. 3.5mi ruck with dogs, 30#. Some yoga, and planks.

Thursday - Skill - Skin the cat. 10, then 5.
Jeff's BDay WOD 7/17/77
7 Muscle Ups - box+2x25
17 Tire Flips - hap
77 Sit Ups
37 C&J - 95#
77 Sit Ups
17 Tire Flips
7 Muscle Ups
Bar muscle ups were junk on the shoulder, not feeling good. Had to use 2 25 bumpers. C&J were decent, but 1 at a time. Some felt really good. Did 20 tire flips first round.
PostWOD - Burgener Front Squats - 10x3 @ 185#. Felt pretty easy.

Friday - Skill - Pause Back Squat - 5x2 e:2min - 185#, 205#, 215#, 225#, 235#
1000 Meter Row - 3:47
50 Thrusters - 75#
800 Run
12:07 - went light on the thrusters, but kept them 10,10,10,10,8,2. Finished with another 800m easy.

Saturday - GORuck Brew in the Lou Class 376! Was elected first Platoon Leader, chose June as Platoon Sargent. First challenge was to setup 3 squads with each class included, and a squad leader for each. Organizing 31 people was a new challenge, but we got through it and our first mini smoke session. Went over to Square One Brewery, tried the Spicy Blonde and the Oh Honey. Then headed out to Four Hands, stopping along the way for our first battle.  At 4hands gave the single speed a try, not so good. Had another battle before leaving, June was monster I was the mount. We won the battle defeating everyone in squad 1. I was relieved of PL status before we left, next stop was in front of Bush Stadium for a pic, then the water spouts downtown to get wet and do bear crawls and duck walks. We continued on to Alpha Brewing where I got the Berry Storter, light but a little too fruity. Tried the Jackfriut beer also, like a hard fermented white wine. We moved out en route to Urban Chestnut. Got the Schnickelfritz, nice light with a hint of banana, and ate a Quest bar. On the way to the next stop, we had our final water stop and epic boss battle. The fountain was frigid, but felt good on the feet. Had a quick smoke session, then the battle began. The 2 biggest guys made up the mega boss monster. Multiple staged attacks, a couple damage/death penalty stops, but we finally defeated the monster. We departed for Six Row Brewery, our last beer stop. Had the Sunshine Slowdown, really nice and smooth and light. We were under a time crunch to make it back before 1900, had to double time it a bunch. Carried the team weight keg for a good ways back. When we arrived back at Square One, we had another fountain session, then the tunnel of love. Frisella and R3 got the first Minuteman patches, we received our patches and time to eat! Good Livin.

Sunday - Total Rest.

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