Monday, June 16, 2014

Keep on keeping on!

Monday - Burgener Back squats 10x3 @ 215#. 3x3 strict pull ups.
Power Snatch 95#
Bar Facing Burpees
10:21. Snatch felt decent, 5s first round, 4,4,4,3 second, 5+4 last. Did some 115# snatch before wod, but not able to string many together, so dropped to 95.

Tuesday - Run day, supposed to be speed work. Esay 2 mile warmup, ended with a couple strides. Planned on 5x1000, legs were feeling sluggish, so decided on 6x800.... only did 3x800. Tried to hit close to 3:00 time for 800, then 3:00 rest. barely able to get the 800 in time. Had a phone call at 7, but feel like just looking for an excuse to stop. Wish I had pushed through atleast 1 or 2 more... rest the legs and try another day.

Wednesday - Skill Strict Press 5×5 E: 2 min, round 4 did 85#x4, so finished with 75#x5.
400 Run
30 Burpees
400 Run
30 Wall Balls 25#
400 Run
8:51. tried to keep pushing on the runs, burpees were 15,10,5. wall balls were 3x10. Had some sharp hip pain during the run.
PostWOD - Burgener front squats. 10x3 @198, these felt impossible. First 5 rounds were 198, then dropped the last lift of round 5 and had to reset. Dropped weight to 195, still had a drop and started going 2 reps, rest bar, then 1 rep. Pretty ugly work.

Thursday - Rest day - 3.3mi ruck with the dogs. 5 min Plank holds before lunch.

Friday - Skill Gymnasty - 10 min AMRAP
10 Jumping Split Lunges
10 Lateral Jumps 24"
10 Wall Climbs
10 Ring Dips - subbed pull ups
2 rounds + 13.
10-­1 Squat Snatches
1-­10 Burpees
Started with 75#, after 1st round had to drop to 65# just to stay close. Missed round 2 changing weight, so started with 9 during round 8. Finished all rounds, some rounds went over time. Crazy trying to speed through squat snatches. ran a  400m cooldown.
PostWOD - 6-7 push ups emom 10 mins.

Saturday - GORUCK! light. 2pm. Good Livin'.

Sunday -

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