Thursday, February 06, 2014

Superbowl week.. a double bust.

Mon - Thurs - Flu has taken over. Perhaps it was the abysmal performance, and inexplicable loss by the Broncos... Woke up Monday feeling pretty bad, by tuesday was full blown flu and ear infection time. Tuesday and wednesday were miserable. Thursday felt 50% better. Hoping to be good by Friday!

Friday - not so much. Shoulder was surprisingly weak and painful. Could not do jumping bar muscle ups, could not do ring dips, lots of pain. Skipped the wod and did squats and shoulder mobility. Not feeling so great.

Saturday - Did yoga. Started looking at EMS units, Compex vs Marc Pro.

Sunday - Pulled the bike out and setup the trainer. Did about 30 mins worth with 5 - 30 second hard efforts. Knee is showing signs of pain, fit must be off somewhere, need to investigate.

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