Monday, January 13, 2014

Please try and deload this week!!!

Monday - Skill - Muscle up work 5x2 attempts. Strength - 5x3 Every3 min Deadlift. 185, 225, 255, 275, 285#. PR
75ft Burpee Broad Jump
15 Clean & Jerks
75ft HS Walk (75 sec hold)
15 V-Ups
Used 95#. First round of c&j were horribly slow and awkward. Never got into a rhythm, mainly did singles. And most had to reset for the jerk.
PostWod - worked on muscle up transitions on rings w/ blue band. 5 rounds of 3 red band Xs.

Tuesday -EMOM 5 - 10 sit ups, 8 push ups. Run.

Wednesday - Skll - Every 1.5 min for 5 rounds 7 pull ups + 15 air squats.
Strength - EMOM 10 min 10 kbs. 88#kb.
AMRAP 10 min
26 Double unders
14 wall balls 20#
2 Front squat 155#
5 + 40. Front squats felt good, first couple rounds were easy. Last 4 wall balls always the hardest.
PostWod - muscle up skill work. band transitions and cross band pulls.

Thursday - Yoga in the morning. Easy run before lunch. 7 miles @8:33. Crazy windy day. Started off cold, sun came out mid way and heated up, then the finish was super cold and really windy!

Friday - EMOM 5 - 3 pull ups + 3 dips, 8 air squats. Then Skill - 5 Rounds 5 Pull ups, 8 GHD back, 5 Ringdips.
40 pistols
40 HSPU (1 mat)
40 Walking lunges
40 pull ups
40 air squats
13:21. Pistols were steady, hspu started with 11, downhill from there. ended with a couple 3-5 rep rounds. Kipped the pull ups for time sake.
PostWod - worked X bands 5x4 each, plus muscle up transitions blue band.

Saturday - Cold run, but a pretty good one. Got there late, so played catch up (which meant no warmup mile... bah.) Ran the hilly course, so really pushed it up and down. caught up with the group just before 3 miles, turned just shy of the road end to run with Jeff and Tim. Heading back we stretched the pace a little, negative splitting the last 3.2. Felt good, wasn't super fast yet, but definitely a push from what I have been doing. 6.2 miles @8min pace.

Sunday - Easy yoga in the morning. Did 10 kb swings and 12 sit ups during commercial breaks during the Broncos game!

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