Sunday, November 10, 2013

Now its getting COLD....

Monday - Skill 5 minutes double unders, 220.
18 DB Hang Squat Cleans 30#
18 Pull Ups
10 Power Cleans 95#
44:15. Pull ups were horrible. did not want to kip, but no way to get them strict. Kipping is a pain in the back.
25 burpees.

Tuesday - 5x5 Deadlift. 185, 205, 225, 235, 245.
3 Rounds
400m run
20 Wall balls
15 TTB
12:29. Hands were sore, made it hard to hold onto the bar. TTB are a big weakness, hate doing them 1 at a time. Did rnd 1 and 3 wallballs unbroken.

Wednesday - Feeling sluggish this morning, thought about making it a rest day. Did some ab work before breakfast. Then decided I needed to get a run in. Headed around town for an easy 5 before lunch. Legs didn't feel so good, very tired on last 1.5-2 miles. May have over dressed some, got pretty hot. Time to roll the legs.

Thursday -
100 Pull Ups
100 Push Ups
100 Sit Ups
100 Squats
22:08 - pullups were mostly strict, took almost 12 minutes. Push ups were 10, then 5s. Unbroken on situps and squats.
80 burpees. PostWod - 5x5 back squats, 135, 155, 175, 155, 135.

Friday - 5x5 Front Squat. 115, 135, 155, 175, 180# PR.
20ft Overhead BB Walking Lunges
10 Power Cleans
40ft Bear Crawl
20ft Front Rack BB Walking Lunges
10 Push Presses
40ft Bear Crawl
Used 75# (wanted to go 85 or 95, but glad I didn't). First set got 3 rounds plus a snatch. Second set 3 rounds plus 20ft lunges. The quads were smoked after the front squats, and hold the bar overhead was rough on the tired shoulders. Not bad, but almost wish it had been 10 minutes each set.
50 burpees.

Saturday - Started off with a 6 mile run with the WRC. Decent pace, 8:20 pace, with some sub 8s in the middle on the hills. After eating, headed to Oly lifting. Worked on snatch pull and clean and jerks. Not much weight, just form work. Ate at Hot Pot finally!

Sunday -

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