Monday, September 09, 2013

Week of Tough Mudder

Monday - 5 mile run in the sub. Added some surges on the hills, then 2 hard hill repeats at the end. 8:15 avg.

Tuesday - Only ran 4 miles. Stopped after 2 and did some sprints and broad jumps. Wasn't a great run, felt pretty tired the rest of the day.

Wednesday - Still pretty fatigued today. PreWod, tabata ring holds. Then 10 rounds 30 sec kb swings + 1 min rest. Used 40/45#, 148 total.
75ft Farmer Walk
20 Air Squats
75ft Farmer Walk
400 Run
Used 53# kb. 4:19 first part, 6:14 overall.

Thursday - PreWod skill, 2x ring pull ups
5x5 E3M
Deadlifts - 225, 225, 225, 235, 245#

*Cash Out*
*Start w/3 Wall climbs THEN...
50 Gymnastics Push Ups
*Anytime you break in your push up 3 more wall climbs
6:14 - started without shoes after dead lifts, but had to run get them, so got an extra min rest, still brutal.
did 25, 11, 10, 4.

Friday - Felt better yesterday, but pretty tired this morning, so skipped the run. Took the dogs for a 3+ mile ruck instead.

Saturday - Tough Mudder! Knee cap pain... not a good sign for running this fall.

Sunday - Recovery. 2.5 mile ruck with the dogs in the morning. Then another 2 or so ruck before dinner.

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