Monday, September 16, 2013

Mid September

Monday - PreWod - Skill 10x10 sec ring row holds. 5 rounds 10 HSPU + 200m run.
EMOM 12 Minutes
5 Thrusters
5 Ball Slams
95# and 40# ball. After round 5 had to just do front squats, thruster was not happening. Added a couple thrusters each round, and all last round. This was a tough one.

Tuesday - Run day. Tried to fartlek some, as well as go for a faster pace. Not so happy, 8:26 overall for 8 miles. Only 3 miles worth in the 7's, and not very low 7.

Wednesday - PreWod - 10x10 ring rows
5x5 E3M
Power Snatches
Started with 105#, but not feeling good about the snatches. Switched to working on pulls, and trying to get the bar to the pocket. Dropped to 95# and continued working on form, with 1 or 2 snatches. Finished with about 5 squat snatches at both weights.
PostWod - Tabata pistols = 56.

Thursday - Easy run, 6 miles @8:40 pace. Did some wall jumps half way.

Friday - PreWod 5x10 ring push ups.
WOD *Alternating Movements*
Wall Balls 20#
17:03 - Felt good on wallballs, 20, then all 10s. Knees to elbows were 5s with a couple singles mixed in.
PostWod - Deadlift - 5@135#, 5@185#, 5@205#, 5@225#, 5@225#

Saturday - The Great Pi Race 5K.... Pie, then winery! Then headed to CoMo for Justins birthday dinner surprise!

Sunday - Easy walk with the dogs and Lori.

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