Monday, September 02, 2013

Memorial Week DeLoad

Monday - Memorial day WOD.  Ran 4 miles up to the gym, then...
HotShot 19
with Partner
6 Rounds:
30 Squats (15 each)
115 # Power clean, 19 reps (10 each)
7 Strict Pull-ups (4 each)
Run 400 meters
27 something. Really pushed the run. Felt great on the cleans and pullups were easy. Could have gone heavier, but really was a good steady workout.

Tuesday - PreWod tabata ring holds.
FOR TIME: (0-10 Minutes)
18 Thrusters
200 Run
12 Thrusters
200 Run
6 Thrusters
200 Run

10-13 Minutes

13-16 Minutes
Max rep of Box Muscle ups
Finished the first wod in 5:48, using 75#. Plenty of rest time.... Used 20" box and med bar, able to do 2 then rest. Made 11, could not get that last one in time.
PostWod did 4 rope climbs casually....

Wednesday - PreWod 5x10 tuck ups, 5x20 sec hand stand holds, and work on hand stand walk
PARTNER WOD 14 Minutes
*20 seconds of partner 1 working while partner 2 rest, then switch partners.

Yoke walk for distance 4x45# (180#added)
REST 1 minute
Back Squat for reps 115#
REST 1 minute
Push ups for reps
60 ft length each set, 240 ft total (it was heavy.) Squats were light! got 10 each set. Totally screwed up the pushups, did all 4 rounds of tabata instead of switching partners each round. 46 total (20, 12, 8, 6). Could have done more with the prescribed rest...
PostWod - did squats - 5@135#, 5@155#, 3@185#, 3@205#

Thursday - Rucked with the dogs 3.5 miles, picked up the pace second lap. Going to FF social run tonight planning on 5 miles.

Friday - PreWod skill, 20 sec top of ring hold+10 sec bottom of rings, 30 sec rest x 6. Then 5 x 30 sec right foot pistol+30 sec left foot pistols, 1 min rest. Got 7 each leg, each round.
Front Squats
*Start at 40%(should be at 1RM at 10 Minutes)

150ft Farmers Walk 70# kb
300ft Sprint
Started at 75#, worked up to 205# but failed, dropped to 200# and failed. Got 195# 2 times. 4:24 on the cash out.

Saturday - Did 5 miles, 2 loops to compare. 8:40 avg. Then took Wy to Creve Couer lake. Rode a 5 mile lap while grandma did a 5k, then rode out to the Katy and back, about 10 miles more. Headed out to the Art fair (ate a ton of bacon!) Then after diner did another 5 mile loop of the lake.

Sunday - Rest day! Took the dogs for a ruck in the rain. Wy and grandma ran a 5k on Katy.

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