Monday, September 30, 2013

Goodbye September, hello Falltober.

Monday - PreWod - 6x10 KB swing, 2 @55#, 2@62#, 1@70#, 1@88#. Then 5x2 deadlift, working to 2RM. Started 225#, 245#, 265#. 275#, failed 285#.
100 Meter Run
12 Front Squats 75#
6 rounds plus 4 squats.
PostWod - 400m walk w/75#bar back rack. 2x5 box jump 30", 2x20 back ext + ab ext.

Tuesday - Run day, did not have a good plan, and run was not very good. Legs were tired, didn't feel great. Did 7 miles @8:30 pace. Miles 2 and 3 were around 7:30s, everything else was high 8-9. Had some surges, but wasn't able to hold a fast pace for long, so tempo run was junk.

Wednesday - Should have skipped today, just did not have energy to spend. PreWod - double KB swings, 6x10@35#. Then 5x2 OHS. worked up to 135#
Push Jerk
Started with 105#, but dropped to 95# quick. Back of right shoulder was not feeling good, and whole body was just drained. 11 or 13 minutes...

Thursday - Rest, rest rest. Body needed it. Walked the dogs in the hood for short.

Friday - PreWod - double kb overhead walks, 40#.
*E:90 SEC*
50ft Sled Push - Started with 70# added, halfway added 15#. Kept it light to work leg speed.
PostWod did banded leg swings.

Saturday - Bourbon Lodge with Y! Had a blast relaxing on the lake fishing, good lunch of mashed potatoes and mystery stewed meat. The shot some skeet and headed out for more fishing. Great day.

Sunday - Mo Cowbell Half marathon. More sore than I expected to be. Kept a 9 min pace, nice and easy until the last half mile. Started some left knee pain around mile 8? Almost would have rather picked up the pace there and just gotten done. I think holding the pace back changes my form. Either way, the hips start to burn 5 miles in, which leads to them feeling weak. Have to think this leads to a change in how I run, which would affect everything else. Had Dr L do some work on it after the race, but should have spent more time walking around to let the legs relax. Definitely tightened up as the day went on, and didn't get to roll out until late that night.

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