Monday, September 30, 2013

Goodbye September, hello Falltober.

Monday - PreWod - 6x10 KB swing, 2 @55#, 2@62#, 1@70#, 1@88#. Then 5x2 deadlift, working to 2RM. Started 225#, 245#, 265#. 275#, failed 285#.
100 Meter Run
12 Front Squats 75#
6 rounds plus 4 squats.
PostWod - 400m walk w/75#bar back rack. 2x5 box jump 30", 2x20 back ext + ab ext.

Tuesday - Run day, did not have a good plan, and run was not very good. Legs were tired, didn't feel great. Did 7 miles @8:30 pace. Miles 2 and 3 were around 7:30s, everything else was high 8-9. Had some surges, but wasn't able to hold a fast pace for long, so tempo run was junk.

Wednesday - Should have skipped today, just did not have energy to spend. PreWod - double KB swings, 6x10@35#. Then 5x2 OHS. worked up to 135#
Push Jerk
Started with 105#, but dropped to 95# quick. Back of right shoulder was not feeling good, and whole body was just drained. 11 or 13 minutes...

Thursday - Rest, rest rest. Body needed it. Walked the dogs in the hood for short.

Friday - PreWod - double kb overhead walks, 40#.
*E:90 SEC*
50ft Sled Push - Started with 70# added, halfway added 15#. Kept it light to work leg speed.
PostWod did banded leg swings.

Saturday - Bourbon Lodge with Y! Had a blast relaxing on the lake fishing, good lunch of mashed potatoes and mystery stewed meat. The shot some skeet and headed out for more fishing. Great day.

Sunday - Mo Cowbell Half marathon. More sore than I expected to be. Kept a 9 min pace, nice and easy until the last half mile. Started some left knee pain around mile 8? Almost would have rather picked up the pace there and just gotten done. I think holding the pace back changes my form. Either way, the hips start to burn 5 miles in, which leads to them feeling weak. Have to think this leads to a change in how I run, which would affect everything else. Had Dr L do some work on it after the race, but should have spent more time walking around to let the legs relax. Definitely tightened up as the day went on, and didn't get to roll out until late that night.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Pancakes! Waffles! Carbs, oh My!

Monday - PreWod - Max rep ring dips = 14. Then double tabata hollow body rocks and wall climbs. Only did 2 wall climbs per set.
*6 Pistols Alternating Legs
40 Front Squats
*Anytime the bar drops complete 6 pistols
Used 135# - Did 10, 10, 8, 6, 6. Pistols were easy... front squats were not going well. And cleaning the bar up was miserable.
PostWod - worked on cleans with 115#, and then 65#. Need to use a wider grip. Then 2x5 front squat 155#.

Tuesday - Run - 1 mile warm up then 1.5 mile fast tempo. Recover for 1 mile then 1 mile fast tempo. Recover .5, then .5 tempo. Finished with easy mile plus 2 x 30 lunges + 20 push ups.

Wednesday - ProWod - Ring pushups - 20 max. Yoke carry x 4, ended at 210# added = 395# total.
20 Wall Balls 25#
15 KBS 62#
11:10 - these were draining... very hard to keep going. First set of wb unbroken, then 10 on kb. Had to break up in 5s from there out (a couple sets were 7 or 8).
Post Wod - Deadlift, 5@135, 5#135, 5@185, 5@215, 5@235, 5@235, 10@185.

Thursday - Run. 8 miles easy @ 8:40. 2x 30 lunges, 20 pushups

Friday - PreWod - Ring push ups, 10 rounds 10sec on/10 sec off. 44 total. Practiced different styles of rope climbs, no feet, L sit, both wraps.
Back Squats
5x3 E2M - 185#. After 5 sets, did 2@205#, 1 @ 235#, new PR.

*Cash Out*
3 Rounds
Max Handstand Push Ups
Max Double Unders
4, 33. 3, 15. 4, 20.

Saturday - Race to Cure Lymphoma (Now called the Flat as a Pancake run). Doing the 5K with Y, then the 10K solo. Easy pace with mom on the 5K, Y dropped behind, then took off after 1.5. 10K pushed to keep a 7:20-7:30 pace, just trying to keep up with another guy, he dropped at 3.5, then started picking others off. Felt pretty good, but was a definite struggle for the last half mile or more. Ate and drank like crap for the rest of the day.... fail.

Sunday - Took the dogs on a ruck, maybe 4 miles or so. Tried to control the eating today, but appetite got away, plus Fritzs after Outback... no chance.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Mid September

Monday - PreWod - Skill 10x10 sec ring row holds. 5 rounds 10 HSPU + 200m run.
EMOM 12 Minutes
5 Thrusters
5 Ball Slams
95# and 40# ball. After round 5 had to just do front squats, thruster was not happening. Added a couple thrusters each round, and all last round. This was a tough one.

Tuesday - Run day. Tried to fartlek some, as well as go for a faster pace. Not so happy, 8:26 overall for 8 miles. Only 3 miles worth in the 7's, and not very low 7.

Wednesday - PreWod - 10x10 ring rows
5x5 E3M
Power Snatches
Started with 105#, but not feeling good about the snatches. Switched to working on pulls, and trying to get the bar to the pocket. Dropped to 95# and continued working on form, with 1 or 2 snatches. Finished with about 5 squat snatches at both weights.
PostWod - Tabata pistols = 56.

Thursday - Easy run, 6 miles @8:40 pace. Did some wall jumps half way.

Friday - PreWod 5x10 ring push ups.
WOD *Alternating Movements*
Wall Balls 20#
17:03 - Felt good on wallballs, 20, then all 10s. Knees to elbows were 5s with a couple singles mixed in.
PostWod - Deadlift - 5@135#, 5@185#, 5@205#, 5@225#, 5@225#

Saturday - The Great Pi Race 5K.... Pie, then winery! Then headed to CoMo for Justins birthday dinner surprise!

Sunday - Easy walk with the dogs and Lori.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Week of Tough Mudder

Monday - 5 mile run in the sub. Added some surges on the hills, then 2 hard hill repeats at the end. 8:15 avg.

Tuesday - Only ran 4 miles. Stopped after 2 and did some sprints and broad jumps. Wasn't a great run, felt pretty tired the rest of the day.

Wednesday - Still pretty fatigued today. PreWod, tabata ring holds. Then 10 rounds 30 sec kb swings + 1 min rest. Used 40/45#, 148 total.
75ft Farmer Walk
20 Air Squats
75ft Farmer Walk
400 Run
Used 53# kb. 4:19 first part, 6:14 overall.

Thursday - PreWod skill, 2x ring pull ups
5x5 E3M
Deadlifts - 225, 225, 225, 235, 245#

*Cash Out*
*Start w/3 Wall climbs THEN...
50 Gymnastics Push Ups
*Anytime you break in your push up 3 more wall climbs
6:14 - started without shoes after dead lifts, but had to run get them, so got an extra min rest, still brutal.
did 25, 11, 10, 4.

Friday - Felt better yesterday, but pretty tired this morning, so skipped the run. Took the dogs for a 3+ mile ruck instead.

Saturday - Tough Mudder! Knee cap pain... not a good sign for running this fall.

Sunday - Recovery. 2.5 mile ruck with the dogs in the morning. Then another 2 or so ruck before dinner.

Monday, September 02, 2013

Memorial Week DeLoad

Monday - Memorial day WOD.  Ran 4 miles up to the gym, then...
HotShot 19
with Partner
6 Rounds:
30 Squats (15 each)
115 # Power clean, 19 reps (10 each)
7 Strict Pull-ups (4 each)
Run 400 meters
27 something. Really pushed the run. Felt great on the cleans and pullups were easy. Could have gone heavier, but really was a good steady workout.

Tuesday - PreWod tabata ring holds.
FOR TIME: (0-10 Minutes)
18 Thrusters
200 Run
12 Thrusters
200 Run
6 Thrusters
200 Run

10-13 Minutes

13-16 Minutes
Max rep of Box Muscle ups
Finished the first wod in 5:48, using 75#. Plenty of rest time.... Used 20" box and med bar, able to do 2 then rest. Made 11, could not get that last one in time.
PostWod did 4 rope climbs casually....

Wednesday - PreWod 5x10 tuck ups, 5x20 sec hand stand holds, and work on hand stand walk
PARTNER WOD 14 Minutes
*20 seconds of partner 1 working while partner 2 rest, then switch partners.

Yoke walk for distance 4x45# (180#added)
REST 1 minute
Back Squat for reps 115#
REST 1 minute
Push ups for reps
60 ft length each set, 240 ft total (it was heavy.) Squats were light! got 10 each set. Totally screwed up the pushups, did all 4 rounds of tabata instead of switching partners each round. 46 total (20, 12, 8, 6). Could have done more with the prescribed rest...
PostWod - did squats - 5@135#, 5@155#, 3@185#, 3@205#

Thursday - Rucked with the dogs 3.5 miles, picked up the pace second lap. Going to FF social run tonight planning on 5 miles.

Friday - PreWod skill, 20 sec top of ring hold+10 sec bottom of rings, 30 sec rest x 6. Then 5 x 30 sec right foot pistol+30 sec left foot pistols, 1 min rest. Got 7 each leg, each round.
Front Squats
*Start at 40%(should be at 1RM at 10 Minutes)

150ft Farmers Walk 70# kb
300ft Sprint
Started at 75#, worked up to 205# but failed, dropped to 200# and failed. Got 195# 2 times. 4:24 on the cash out.

Saturday - Did 5 miles, 2 loops to compare. 8:40 avg. Then took Wy to Creve Couer lake. Rode a 5 mile lap while grandma did a 5k, then rode out to the Katy and back, about 10 miles more. Headed out to the Art fair (ate a ton of bacon!) Then after diner did another 5 mile loop of the lake.

Sunday - Rest day! Took the dogs for a ruck in the rain. Wy and grandma ran a 5k on Katy.