Monday, August 26, 2013

Week of Ironkids Nationals

Monday - Woke up with no energy, thought it was best to skip xfit. Took the dogs for a walk, no ruck, but did 3-4 miles. Then took wy for speed work at the track before dinner and did 2 + miles easy. Hopefully wake up with more energy.

Tuesday - PreWod - Tabata handstand holds. These are much easier back to the wall, than trying to cartwheel up and face the wall. Then 2x600 m run. 1:47 and 1:52.
P1- 50ft Sled Push (2x45#) while...
P2- 200 Meter Run
*SWITCH(wait for partner to finish before moving on)
P1- 50ft Yoke (4x25) Carry while...
P2- Holds 45# Bumper Overhead
Teamed with Sam, no clue how many rounds we did, maybe 6. The sprints were miserable, hard to move the legs. Just kept steady pushing on this one.

Wednesday - PreWod - emom 5 minutes 7 box jumps, 15-20 double unders.
10 MINUTES EMOM *Alternating Movements
5 Overhead Squats @ 95#
5 Split Jerks @ 95#
*MAX REPS on last set
Max set = 10 OHS, 8 SJ.
Post Wod = 5x5 deadlift 185#

Thursday - PreWod - 5x30 sec handstand holds, attempt to touch shoulders. 5x8 single arm kb snatch.
3 Squat Cleans 145#
6 Burpee/Tuck Jump
9 Ring Dips
9:28 - This really sucked. Hard to keep pushing. Wanted to go heavier on the squat cleans, but didn't have much more in me. Ring dips were really sub par, need to work.
PostWod - 2x5 skin the cat, 2x20 GHD back ext, sit ups.

Friday - PreWod - EMOM 5 strict+ 3 kipping Pull ups. Skin the cat
EMOM 10!-1!
Wall Balls 20#
Ball Slams 40#
PostWod - 25 ball slams for time.

Saturday - IRONKIDS NATIONALS! Wy did great! Much better on the swim. 15.9 avg on the bike is good (but seemed to be coasting a lot).  7:49 mile, he was talking with another kid for half of it, probably could have gone faster if not.

Sunday - Inspired by Wys triathlon performance, decided to get out on the bike for a ride. Did 48 miles out to Old Monroe and beck through St Paul area. Legs were spent, but still did Hancock hill, and seemed easier than I remember.

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