Saturday, August 03, 2013


Monday - Started the morning off at Cave of the Winds. Did the walking tour and the wind walker rope course. Didn't make it all the way out to the section over the cliff, started raining and needed to get some lunch. Went in to Manitou Springs and had lunch at the Stagecoach. Wasn't the best, my trout was ok, everyone elses was bad. Walked around Manitou for a bit and hit the penny arcade. Even had time for a quick wine tasting and bought a couple bottles of Colorado wine from Dvine Wine. Headed to Garden of the Gods from there. It was beautiful. Took the walking tour, then went for a great hike on the way back to the car. Had Ted's Montana Grill for dinner. This was the best meal so far! The bison chili was perfect... spicy, meaty, and tasty! Also had a salmon salad and a Laughing Lab ale! Topped off the night with SummerSweet frozen yogurt! Yum!

Tuesday - Tried to do a short double under session with some push ups mixed in, dubs were not great, mainly singles. We headed out to hike Red Rock Canyon on a fairly challenging trail. Some good elevation and incline. Had a lot of fun, wish we could have gone a little farther. Went to SooperSalad for an all-you-can-eat lunch.... wasn't great, and shouldn't have eaten as much as I did.
Olympic Training Center was up next! Awesome and inspiring! Wish we had seen some athletes training, but the facilities were impressive. Had fun goofing with Wy on the rower and bike. Finished the night by going to the Manitou Cliff Dwellings. Some interesting homes built in the rock, they must have been short though! Switched hotels, so checked in and did the free happy hour drinks and snacks for dinner. Colorado Native was a good beer!

Wednesday - Got an early start off to the bike shop for Pikes Peak! Rode the cog train up to the top. Great scenery on the way up, and crazy view at the top. Had some of the famous donuts, the plain were good, the fudge covered were excellent! It was pretty chilly at the top, so we bundled up, jumped on the bikes and started down the mountain! It was a BLAST! Plenty of stops for pics, and to strip off clothing. Once we made it to the bottom, we had lunch at Wines of Colorado. The lunch was junk, but couldn't pass up another wine sampling and 2 more bottles! I think this was everyones favorite experience on the trip!
After a little down time in the hotel, I had to tackle the Manitou Incline trail. Lori dropped me off near the cog train and I walked to the start of the trail. INTENSE. That was 36 minutes of some TOUGH stairs. The angle of incline was insane. Some of the steps were close, some were spaced pretty far apart, some were covered in loose rock, some were angled wierd... it was challenging, but sooo worth it. The run back down the trail was exhilarating. Had to stop a couple times to snap a pic, but really enjoyed the run (even the pain in the quads!)
Went back to Ted's Montana Grill for another great dinner. Had a bison burger and some Laughing Lab beer sooo good!

Thursday - Did a great morning hike on Burr trail. Definitely a challenging hike up hill. We made it up to the cutoff of Incline trail. Took about 2 hours to make it up (we did take a lot of breaks.) From there Wy wanted to run back down...soooo, we made it down in under 15 minutes! He did great bouncing from rock to rock, really enjoyed trail running behind him! Decided on some local NY style pizza at Borrelli Brothers. Had a personal gluten free pie with green chili and chicken. Plus had Wys cheese slice, a salad and some garlic knots. Some good pizza. Headed back to the hotel for a bit to rest, but not for long. Had to get one last hike in at Garden of the Gods. Super fun hike on Siameese Twins trail, which a local told us was a very challenging trail and rarely done by 'out of towners'. Personally, some of the other trails we did were much harder, but eh. Went back to the hotel for dinner at the Polo Club. Had the seared bass, some more Colorado Native... and finished off with chocolate cheesecake! Great end to the vacation.

Friday - The long drive home. Stopped for lunch in Hays, KS again, but went to Carlos O'Kelly for mexican. Had the fish and shrimp enchiladas, and enjoyed them. Not terrific, a little too covered in cheese. Finished the drive home and already miss Colorado.

Saturday - Hero WOD - Small
Three Rounds:
Row 1000 Meters
50 Burpees
50 Box Jumps
Run 800 Meters
51:36 - This was an endurance test, and just had to keep pushing and try to limit the time in breaks.

Sunday - AbSoLuteLy Nothing!

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