Monday, June 03, 2013

Monday - Had to do a fasted blood draw in the late morning... ugh! Did a steady 4 miles after. Then went to a new crossfit box for their grand opening. Skill work was 5x5 deadlift, did 185, 205, and 225#
Wall Ball - 20#
Push Ups
Run 800m between rounds
11:10 time, the wall balls were awkward as can be, hit my chin, fell off balance, just wasnt right.

Tuesday - Sled Pulls! 800m 115# partner pull, alternating every 100m. This was tough!
100m Run
12 Box Jumps 24"
Could have pushed the runs harder, but legs were pretty stiff from the sled. Used the runs to recover and really rebounded on the box jumps.

Wednesday - Tabata's from hell! Tabata sled push 90#. Tried to keep some momentum and leg speed. Then Tabata 100m sprints. Had to take some extra rest time so sprints were Actual sprints.
50 SDHP - 85#
40 hr Push Ups
30 Wall Balls 16#
20 Ring Dips
10 CTB Pull Ups
Every part of this sucked, had to break up all of them. 11:06.
QOD = you want 75% of my snatch

Thursday - Squat cleans. Really wanted to go heavy today... didn't happen. 800m buy in, 2:45ish. Worked on 3 positions. P1 maxed 135#. P2 = 155#. Was not getting elbows through fast, and ended up catching bar with my wrist straight up. A lot of pain, took me out of it and started struggling with everything after that. Dropped the weight back to 115 to work on form and catch. Built back to 145# for a couple.
QOD = double fisting a fish

Friday - Double WOD day.
50m sled push 45#
100m run
Kept the sled light to work on explosion and speed, still completely spent after each push.

WOD2 - EMOM 10min
10 Wall Balls 25#
Had to really push to get the 10' line, missed a couple.

Went back for Team Training. Different. Started with 2 friendly games of dodgeball! 10 burpees + 400m run after game 1. Max pull ups in 2 minutes after game 2. Hands are pretty painfull, need to soak and file em.
Team WOD
5 minute AMRAP each station, 1 minute rest between
1 - Row for Cals + Hold 185# in front rack. Row for most of the time, held for last minute or so.
2 - TTB + hold plank - Held plank for most time, did maybe 10-20 ttb.
3 - 40# slam ball + hang from pull up bar - 20-30 slams, lots of hang
4 - kb swing 55# + hand stand hold - hand stands felt good, did 20-30 kbs
5 - Wall Balls + Hold 185# top of dead lift - did 30-40 wall balls

Saturday - Got up and ran a 5K with Wy. Not his best performance, 28 minutes, lots of complaining.
Then went to rehab:
7 Thrusters 95#
10 strict pull ups
400m run
10 minutes or so.

Sunday - REST

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