Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Post Ruck Weak...er week.

Monday - Probably could have gone another day of rest, but wanted to get the body moving and flush some gunk.  Did 2 x max attempt mixed grip pullups. Only managed 9 on both attempts. Then skill work on Power Cleans. Supposed to do 1RM attempt, but kept the weight light to work form. Still not feeling like it should. Need more explosion or something. Thommy had some tips like setting up just like a vertical jump. Worked up to 145#. Sure on a better day I can go a bunch higher.

Tuesday - Tired today, and upper back is still sore... but overall feeling better. 1RM attempt on overhead press. Not a lot of strength today and only made it to 105#, failed at 115 and 110.
EMOM for 7 mins
7 Burpees
7 KB Thrusters 35#
Missed 14 reps during wod, made up for it with 28 reps after... much easier without the burpees before it.

Wednesday - Tabata pullups, different grips, 34. Basically did 2 wods:
WOD1 10 min AMRAP
50m sprint relays (5 person)
4 Burpees each trip.
We were just able to complete the burpees when it was time to sprint again, talk about no rest.

Yoke Butcher Pushes + 60#
3 person team. This was a quad burner! Crushed the legs!

Thursday - Rest. Ab work before dinner. Missed getting in a run. Boooo.

Friday - Tabata hollow body rocks, right side plank, left side plank. 5xpullups each grip
2 minutes each + 2 minutes rest
Max HS hold - 1:45 - right shoulder gave out first...
Max Ring Rows - 19 + 2 fails
Max DoubleUnders - 105
400m Farmers Carry 70# KB
3:12 - 1 drop? or 2.

Saturday - Workout in the park! And a killer wod...
with 16# wall ball
5 Push ups
10 Squat cleans
15 Sit ups
20 Overhead walking lunges
Run down Fox Hill and back up!
23 minutes

Sunday - Went for a bike ride with Y and L, 6 miles around Quail Ridge. Then went for 1 lap run... didn't feel too great, legs were heavy. Hip was VERY sore and in pain later.

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