Thursday, May 23, 2013

Man City v Chelsea

Monday - Working on chest2bar pullups. Then tabata V-ups and wall climbs. total of 50-something V-ups
12 Back Squat - 145#
11:26? - Squats were getting heavy, had to break them up a lot. Worked on some TTB after.

Tuesday - Did 2 rounds of max strict pullups, 13 round 1, 11 round 2. Worked on clean and jerks for skill.
10x2 EMOM Clean and Jerk
Used 135#, but did not make 2 reps every minute, so did 15-20 total. Form is getting WAY better. Focus on keeping chest up, eyes ahead, weight on heels, faster through the pull. Get a good position 1 jumping set first. And pull BACK.
Max kipping pull ups in 2 minutes = 33. Tried to do tabata-ish.

Wednesday - Did ab work in the morning and a short 2 mile run before lunch. Headed to the Man City v Chelsea practice downtown.

Thursday - 100m/200m sprints alternating EMOM. These were rough, really feeling some pain in the ab/hip. Had to sit a round out and cut a 200 in half.

10x2 EMOM
Push Jerk
Started 95#, 115#, 125#, 135#, 140#. Did 1 at 145# after, then a couple clean and jerks at 95#.

Firday - Strict chest to bar pullups, EMOM, 3,4,5,6,7,8. Then worked some on HSPU and the kip.
9 DLift 205#
6:05 - deadlifts felt good, first two rounds unbroken, then 5+4. Added a  fifth round after.

Saturday - Karl's Birthday Team WOD
31 minute AMRAP
5x25yd Sled Pushes-160# added to 75# sled
82 Double Unders

25 Pull-Ups
Teamed with Jake (who was not feeling well, stomach issues). 6 rounds + 5 sled and 22 double unders.
Just kept pushing!

Sunday - Rest and eat. Wyatt had his first track meet, 6:30ish in the 1500. Then went to the zoo.

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