Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Should I stay or should I go now....

Monday -

Tuesday - TRAIL RUN! Really torn between hitting xfit (Filthy Fifty wod looked awesome!)... but the call of the trail won out! Hit

Wednesday - Skill work was KB swings with a band. Used 45# for first 4 rounds, then 53# for last 4.

80% of 1rm of each:
Deadlifts - 205# (first 3 rounds) then 215# last 2.
Thrusters - 95#
5 reps EMOM for 10 minutes alternating movements

Thrusters were rough, that said, I probably could have gone heavier. Deadlifts were almost all unbroken, and weight felt good.

Thursday - Rest day. Did some ab work in the morning to get things going, but felt good to rest today. Lunch with mom and got a new mower!

Friday - Skill work on wall climbs... they suck. Only got 22 in 6 minutes, just starts hurting the back too much.
100m sprint
7 burpees
4:20 - after the burpees, it was rough to get the leg turnover speed going, so after round 3 it was more of a jog.
Headed back inside and did half the filthy fifty, so Teaser 25? Really should have pushed harder, but it was something to do, 13:04.

Saturday - Crossfit Total! First time doing this, and didn't hit the numbers I wanted, but atleast it is a starting point.
Press - 105#.  Left shoulder was resisting anything heavier. Need to work on this!
Back Squat - 205#. Came super close to 220, but not able to get it all the way up. Next time!
Deadlift - 257#. Made it to 255 and felt good. Tried to go for 275, but not even off the ground, so dropped to 265, but same thing, just wasn't happening. Couple more tries, but ended up dropping back to 255. Last attempt added 2# to get the PR.

Sunday - Back is killing after yesterdays lifts. Did an easy 6 mile run at 8:35 pace, didn't feel great, but through a couple fartleks in. Then went to yoga in the afternoon, hoping to stretch the back out some.

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