Monday, April 29, 2013

Week of .... hope?

Monday - Horrible nutrition for the weekend... and rear is pretty sore from saturdays deadlifts...
No skill work, did a 10 min AMRAP of 50 kb swings 45# + 20 Ball slams 30#. Got 167 reps.
5x5 Front Squat every 2 minutes
Used 125# for 4 rounds, then 135# last round. Plus 3 @ 145#. Assuming my 160# 1RM has gone up.

Tuesday - Now for the hope... Headed to the trails today, hoping to have a good run. Run felt pretty good, but was a lot slower than expected. Ran 5-6 on trail, then decided to do a fast 3/4 mile on the road back to the truck. WAAAAY slower than expected. 6:20 pace. Really need to hit the speed work!

Wednesday - Skill work was 2x7 of Back extensions and Hip extensions. Then a tabata set of parralette L holds and Handstand holds.

WOD - alternate movements
Deadlifts(overhand grip, release bar every rep) 200#

6 min something. Wish I could learn to string TTB together. Felt slow on the DL, but kept going, no rushing.

Thursday - No skill work, just went over movements. Hit 4 TTB in a row... but no clue what I did different.

10 Overhead squats 95#
10 Box jumps 24"
10 Thrusters 95#
10 Power cleans - started too heavy, 145#, dropped to 125#
10 Toes-to-bars
10 Burpee Bar muscle-ups w/box - had to add 25# plate half way.
10 Toes-to-bars
10 Power cleans
10 Thrusters
10 Box jumps
10 Overhead squats

This took FOREVER. Should have scaled the weight down more. 16-17 minutes. Every movement took too long, except the box jumps.

Friday - 1000m row, then skill work on banded air squats. 30 sec squats, rest 30, 30 sec bottom squat hold.

Find 1RM OHS
EMOM for 15 minutes.
Started at 95#, 115#, 125#. Stayed there for a couple, failed some. Moved up to 135# for a couple, including some fails. Was planning on finishing off with 140#, but 1 fail and 2 good... so gave 145# a shot. Made it on second attempt! PR.

Saturday - Easy day, started with 1000m row and pull up + ring dip warmups.
5 min AMRAP
Squat Clean + Split Jerk 115#
14 rounds + 1 clean.
Finished up with 20 situps, 5 HSPU, 20 leg lifts, 5 HSPU, 20 V ups, 5 HSPU.

Sunday - Rest. For real yo.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Atlanta Week

Traveling this week, so odd ball workouts. Monday amounted to nothing, a couple times up the 7 floors at the office, plus walked to dinner and back (with a case of water.)
Tuesday morning headed out for a good run. No watch, but attempted to post map it, about 5 miles. Added a couple trips up the stairs.
Wednesday ran again, tried to pick up the pace a little, but didn't run near as far, maybe 3.5 miles.
Thursday decided to try Crossfit Perimeter. Small place, but nice enough. Easy warmup, then did a partner wod. 3 rounds, 6 minutes each. 1 - Push Press and 200m run. 2 - Jump rope and Row 500m. 3 - Farmers Carry 75# and Burpees. 8xx reps total.
Friday headed back for a quick wod before catching my flight. 500m row warmup, then 10 rounds of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 air squats. Plus 200m run on the odd rounds, 20 sit ups on the even rounds.

Saturday - Back home! Rowed 1000m warmup.

15 min AMRAP of:
9  Deadlifts 155#
12 Push-ups hand release
15 Box jumps 24"
9 rounds even.

Sunday - Yoga!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Not running the Boston Marathon week

Monday - Skill work on wall balls, 6 every minute for 10 minutes with 25# ball. Made it and felt much better. Supposed to hit 12' target, but 10' was a big push for me!

AMRAP in 20 minutes
400 meter run
50 double unders
YEAH DOUBLE UNDERS! Best DU work ever! Made 9 rounds of the run. Had several rounds of DUs with only 1 stop. 47 in one round, almost made the full 50!

Tuesday - Hips BAD!
Missed (Pistols + 5x5 Power Snatch)

Wednesday - Hips, more rest.
Missed (Man Makers + 10! HSPU, broadjump, 2min rest, cashout 750row)

Thursday - 7 min burpees skill, did pull ups and push ups instead
10x5 OHP
Started with 75#, after round 5 or 6 dropped to 65#. Came up short on rounds 9 and 10, so added 2 more rounds. Need to work on keeping elbows in.

Friday - Air Squats w/ bands
50m Farmers carry 70# kb
10db sqt 45# - only went half way
100m sprint
50m farmers carry
10 db sqt
3 bar muscle ups with box
10:37 - had to scale for hips.

Saturday - 11.1 open, 10min amrap 30du 15 snatch
500m row before wod
4 rounds + 30 DUs + 8 Snatch
Finished with some strict press and hang snatch 65#x8, 75#x8, 85#x5, 95#x3. Then 500m row and 40 ab extensions.

Sunday -

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Should I stay or should I go now....

Monday -

Tuesday - TRAIL RUN! Really torn between hitting xfit (Filthy Fifty wod looked awesome!)... but the call of the trail won out! Hit

Wednesday - Skill work was KB swings with a band. Used 45# for first 4 rounds, then 53# for last 4.

80% of 1rm of each:
Deadlifts - 205# (first 3 rounds) then 215# last 2.
Thrusters - 95#
5 reps EMOM for 10 minutes alternating movements

Thrusters were rough, that said, I probably could have gone heavier. Deadlifts were almost all unbroken, and weight felt good.

Thursday - Rest day. Did some ab work in the morning to get things going, but felt good to rest today. Lunch with mom and got a new mower!

Friday - Skill work on wall climbs... they suck. Only got 22 in 6 minutes, just starts hurting the back too much.
100m sprint
7 burpees
4:20 - after the burpees, it was rough to get the leg turnover speed going, so after round 3 it was more of a jog.
Headed back inside and did half the filthy fifty, so Teaser 25? Really should have pushed harder, but it was something to do, 13:04.

Saturday - Crossfit Total! First time doing this, and didn't hit the numbers I wanted, but atleast it is a starting point.
Press - 105#.  Left shoulder was resisting anything heavier. Need to work on this!
Back Squat - 205#. Came super close to 220, but not able to get it all the way up. Next time!
Deadlift - 257#. Made it to 255 and felt good. Tried to go for 275, but not even off the ground, so dropped to 265, but same thing, just wasn't happening. Couple more tries, but ended up dropping back to 255. Last attempt added 2# to get the PR.

Sunday - Back is killing after yesterdays lifts. Did an easy 6 mile run at 8:35 pace, didn't feel great, but through a couple fartleks in. Then went to yoga in the afternoon, hoping to stretch the back out some.

Friday, April 05, 2013

Post Move Wrecked Body

Monday - Back is very sore, getting around is slow. Thought it would be a good idea to go for a run. Pushed a 4-5 miler.

Tuesday - Nada.... still too sore to do anything.

Wednesday - Early morning run, about 4 miles through the new sub.

Thursday - Easy run. Back starting to feel better!

Friday - Skill work, double tabata of parralette hold and double unders.
5 rounds of Cindy (5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 air squats)
30 kbs 53#
5 round of Cindy
11:37 - Kept a nice steady pace, maybe could push a bit faster, but not much. Pretty happy with results and kept the 53# Kb vs dropping to 45.

Saturday - First time running with the Runners Club in town. Did an easy run through Bear Creek for 6 miles, then added 3 afterwards down the Parkway and back. Felt good on the run!

Sunday - Great yoga class then Whole Paycheck for lunch and groceries.