Monday, March 11, 2013

Roll on Caissons

Monday - Skill work on handstand push ups, max rep = 13 kipping + ab mat

WOD - Chipper
3 rounds-rest 2 minutes after each round.
20 OHWL 35#
15 Wall climbs
10 DB snatches 45#
5  Back squats 145#
25 Calorie row
The wall climbs were the big slow down. Back was sore, so didn't go heavier on squat. Could have gone 50 on the snatch. Felt like I pushed good on the row. 9:49, 18:42, 29:34 total.

Tuesday - Legs are spent and back is pretty sore. Headed out for an easy run, thought it was feeling better so did 6 instead of 4. 8:40 pace... need to speed up some.

Wednesday - Body still feeling a bit tired today, sore back and quads. Skill work was 2 attempts max rep ring dips, 14 and 10. Then GHD back extensions and handstand walk. The hs walk... yeah, does not exist.

12.5 Open WOD
AMRAP 7 minutes (3 of each, 6 of each, 9, 12)
Thrusters 85#
Pull ups
12rnds + 10 thrusters. Finished off the 5 thrusters and 15 pull ups after time. Really took it easy on this wod, think I could do 15 at least if legs were fresher.

Thursday - PR work on push ups, did 32. Then double kb swings, 35# 5x10reps
7x1 Squat Clean
Started with 95, 115, 135, 155 fail, 145, 150, Then got 155! Finished with 160#! NEW PR!

Friday - Skill work was wall climbs, but back is still pretty sore, so skipped it. Did the warmup, then some pistol rolls and prepped for 13.2 wod.
5 - Shoulder to Overhead 115#
10 - Deadlift 115#
15 - Box Jumps 24"
Completed 6 rounds. The S2O were very tough. Failed on rep 3 of round 5 and had to drop the bar. Managed the DL's fine, although had some low back curves and felt like I was too far forward. Box jumps were good, rebounded almost all.

Saturday - St Patricks Day 5 miler! Nice and easy with Sam and Keenan, 10:20 pace, 52 minutes.

Sunday - Bikram Yoga! Feels so nice being warm. Sweating out everything is a good start to the day, but feels stiff later on... probably from sitting too much.

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