Monday, March 04, 2013

March in like a Lion!

Monday - Skill work on double under ladder, 5.. 10.. 15, if you miss, start over. made it to 12, 12, 13, then finally made 16. Then supposed to do max consecutive TTB... still can't link them together, so 1. Finished skill work on skin the cat. Still need some work on bringing the legs up in pike. WOD:

12.3 Open
AMRAP in 18 minutes
15 box jumps 24"
12 STO 95#
6 rounds + 24 reps. not bad, was bounding good on the box jumps. Tore right palm on ttb, next to last round.

Tuesday - Traveling WODberries, went to St Chux. Did a cool warm up, partner wall balls 18#, wall ball toss, wall ball sit ups, and over the shoulders. Did some practice with KB snatch and releases, used 35 and 40#. Then did a double partner WOD:
30 Double Unders - while partner holds KB goblet squat.
30 KB snatch - partner holds plank
30 Double Unders - KB goblet squat
30 KB hand releases - plank
30 Double Unders - KB goblet squat
Finished wod1 in 10:36
21 - 15 - 9
KB Swings
HR Push Ups
Finished in 5 something.

Wednesday - Started with du ladder, then 500m row for time. Started great 1:32 pace, and then imploded. Finished 1:44? WOD:

12.2 OPEN
AMRAP 10 minutes
30 reps of each snatch, increasing weight after each 30
65# - 30
95# - 28
Finished the last couple 95 after, then attempted 120#. Could not get under the bar for it. Needs work.

Thusday - A little sore today, so went easy. Did ab ripper in the morning. Then did 4 mile loop before lunch. Felt great on the run, better pace than last time.

Friday - Skill work on double unders - 46 new pr? Shoulders a little sore during bridges, but only did 2 for 20 seconds. Then did 10! ring dips, on the minute for 10 mins. Had to use a band on round 6, but finished 5-1 without. WOD:

AMRAP in 20 minutes
100 Feet yoke walk + 70#
20 back squats 95#
300 foot sprint
got to round 7 + 7 squats.

Saturday - Golden Egg 5k, running with Wy. Ran 3 miles over to race, pouring rain and a lot colder than expected. Had a couple minutes to stand around, then the race started. We kept a nice steady pace, slow and easy on the hills, but steady passing people too. Wy did great pushing through! Struggled a lot after mile 2 - 2.5 but kept going and did not stop. Passed people up the last big hill coming up on 3 miles and pushed hard to the finish. Not his best time, but definitely best performance! 29:14?

Sunday - Hit Bikram yoga first thing. Great class, really felt good after. Little stiff in the back.

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