Sunday, March 24, 2013

March goes out with Snowpocalypse

Monday - PR attempt on strict pull ups, made 9. Then:
Max Hold Ring Tuck - 53seconds?
Max Hollow Body hold - 23 seconds (really? Can you say pussed out?)
Max Overhead Bar hold - 2:30
Hang Power Snatch
2 every 15 sec for 4 minutes
Used 75#, but even that light, trying to keep good form, there was no time to put the bar down. Just started to go to crap, so skipped a round, only did 1, and then finally just continued to work on getting the lift better. Upped the weight after the 4 minutes to 85, then 95, and did a couple sets of each.

Tuesday - PR attempt on ring rows = 13 (+2 bad ones). Completed 17 more for 30 total. Then one arm KB snatch x 10 alternating, 35#, 45#, 55#.
WOD - AMRAP 15 minutes
15 Burpees
30 Double Unders
8 rounds plus 9 burpees.

Wednesday -REST
Crossfit Open 13.4 Live Announcement @ TNT!
Missed because of house walk through and packing.

Thursday - PR attempt on broad jump, 8'8". 3 minutes to do as many double unders as possible = 119 or 129.
Power Cleans
2 EMOM for 10 minutes. Used 145#
After wod did a couple at 165#

Signing papers on new house and MOVING!

Friday - Up late with the move, and nowhere near done. More lifting and moving today!

Saturday - Unbelievably sore from moving, back is tore up!

Easter Sunday!

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