Friday, March 01, 2013

Finish out February

Monday - Really tired body today, legs starting to feel heavy, but tried to stay at it. Skill work on kipping hspu. Struggling doing them away from the wall and don't understand why. PreWod was a double tabata set of Paralette holds and double unders. WOD:
21 - 15 - 9
Thrusters 75#
Pull Ups
7:45. Coulda, shoulda, woulda. Should have done 85, or even RX weight. Was worried about how drained the body felt. Would like to do this RX when I feel better.

Tuesday - Rest day! Slushy roads and rain/snow, so I bagged the run. Did a little mobility and 50 situps.

Wednesday - Skill work on HSPU, used an ab mat, 5x5. Then bar muscle ups from the box, 5x4. Then transitions with a band on the rings.
WOD - Heavy Deadlifts 2 every minute for 10 mins.
Round 1 - 2 = 235#
Round 3 - 8 = 240#
Round 9 = 235#
Round 10 = 245# x 1, then fail. Finished 235# x 2.

Thursday - Did ab work in the morning. Tried to do some of the WOD, but hspu were not happening. Was able to do a round of pistols. Got on the bike trainer before lunch. Only rode for 20 minutes, and was feeling it! Need to do more of it.

Friday - Skill work, last day of hspu. Did 5x4 hspu with ab mat (failed on 5th rep last 3 rounds.) Then worked on windshield wipers. Did a couple rounds on the ground, then attempted 5x10 from bar. Had to bend knees on all of them, still not able to do a real wiper.
Buy In: 20 strict pull ups
12 KB SDHP 70#
12 Wall balls 16#
9:49. was breaking up the sdhp 6+6, and even 6+4+2. Had to take a couple breaks on the wall balls as well.

Saturday - Fight Gone Bad!

3 rounds for total reps
Wall Balls (used 16#, not 20)
SDHP 75#
Box Jumps 20"
Push Presses 75#
Row for calories

Round1 Round2 Round3
Wallballs 20 20 20
SDHP 20 15 15
BoxJump 30 30 25
PushPress 17 15 15
Row Cals 15 14 13
102 94 88
Total = 284

Sunday - Saturday night went to dinner at Brazilian steakhouse... nonstop grilled meat for 90 minutes! Stomach overload. So I fasted through breakfast on Sunday, went for an easy 3 mile jog before lunch. Then went to Bikram Yoga in the afternoon. CRAZY hot, 90 minutes of sweating and stretching.

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