Monday, March 25, 2013

CrossFit St. Louis: CrossFit Open and Fueling

CrossFit St. Louis: CrossFit Open and Fueling

Sunday, March 24, 2013

March goes out with Snowpocalypse

Monday - PR attempt on strict pull ups, made 9. Then:
Max Hold Ring Tuck - 53seconds?
Max Hollow Body hold - 23 seconds (really? Can you say pussed out?)
Max Overhead Bar hold - 2:30
Hang Power Snatch
2 every 15 sec for 4 minutes
Used 75#, but even that light, trying to keep good form, there was no time to put the bar down. Just started to go to crap, so skipped a round, only did 1, and then finally just continued to work on getting the lift better. Upped the weight after the 4 minutes to 85, then 95, and did a couple sets of each.

Tuesday - PR attempt on ring rows = 13 (+2 bad ones). Completed 17 more for 30 total. Then one arm KB snatch x 10 alternating, 35#, 45#, 55#.
WOD - AMRAP 15 minutes
15 Burpees
30 Double Unders
8 rounds plus 9 burpees.

Wednesday -REST
Crossfit Open 13.4 Live Announcement @ TNT!
Missed because of house walk through and packing.

Thursday - PR attempt on broad jump, 8'8". 3 minutes to do as many double unders as possible = 119 or 129.
Power Cleans
2 EMOM for 10 minutes. Used 145#
After wod did a couple at 165#

Signing papers on new house and MOVING!

Friday - Up late with the move, and nowhere near done. More lifting and moving today!

Saturday - Unbelievably sore from moving, back is tore up!

Easter Sunday!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Birthday Week!

Monday - Soooo frustrating. Worked on ring muscle ups. Super close, just not quite getting over. Need to commit to getting one soon. Also did the double under ladder, still not getting past 15.

AMRAP 12 minutes
150 wall balls 16#
90 double unders
30 muscle ups (bar with box)
241! Got through the wall balls pretty steady. Started slow on the double unders, but a couple strings of 10 made it. Then rushed to get a box jump bar muscle up, plus one after the time.

Tuesday - Skill - squat band work. PR on max 100ft sprints. 18.5
10 - 8 - 6 - 4 - 2
HR Burpees
OHS 95#
SDHP 95#
Rope climb between sets
13:13 - added another rope climb at the end for fun.

Wednesday - Overall feeling tired, so decided on a rest day. Did ab work in the morning... then went to IHop for bfast... oi. Worked on the barn outside part of the day.

Thursday - PR work Max Cal Row in 3 min = 58cals.  Then did 75 ft sprint + 4 HR burpees every 30 seconds for 5 min.
WOD - 4 Rounds 1 minute + 30 sec rest
4 - Power Cleans
4 - DeadLifts
Used 115#, got 2 sets each round, for 64 total reps. Finished with 135#, then failed attempt at 155#....soon.

Friday - Skill - kb windmills 35#, 3-5x5. Also did max handstand hold, right shoulder failed at 1:17
Overhead Squat - 3 every 2 minutes for 12 minutes
Started at 95#, worked up to 130#. Failed on rep 3 for 130, moved back down to 115. Made it back to 125# x 3, then failed at 130# 3rd rep again.
Late night, went out with the guys to see Murph: The Protector. Great movie!

Saturday - Overslept and missed my run. Got in a good wod:

10 RFT
1 rope climb
29 back squats 45# (1-8) 65# (9-10)
10 M farmer carry w/ barbell 95# each bar
27:00 - This was a good burner. Wish I had used 65# every round, or at least last 5. Hardest part was balancing the barbells.

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Went to the Winery for dinner with friends for birthday. Drank too much, and ate wayyy too much chocolate. Plus an Angus burger and truffle fries.

Sunday - Horrible snow storm started, really should have stayed home.... but ventured out to yoga class. Great class, was rougher than normal, but needed to sweat out everything from last night. The drive home.... was not fun! 30 mph and sliding all over the place. Added a ton of stress, and cramped up my shoulders. Oi.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Roll on Caissons

Monday - Skill work on handstand push ups, max rep = 13 kipping + ab mat

WOD - Chipper
3 rounds-rest 2 minutes after each round.
20 OHWL 35#
15 Wall climbs
10 DB snatches 45#
5  Back squats 145#
25 Calorie row
The wall climbs were the big slow down. Back was sore, so didn't go heavier on squat. Could have gone 50 on the snatch. Felt like I pushed good on the row. 9:49, 18:42, 29:34 total.

Tuesday - Legs are spent and back is pretty sore. Headed out for an easy run, thought it was feeling better so did 6 instead of 4. 8:40 pace... need to speed up some.

Wednesday - Body still feeling a bit tired today, sore back and quads. Skill work was 2 attempts max rep ring dips, 14 and 10. Then GHD back extensions and handstand walk. The hs walk... yeah, does not exist.

12.5 Open WOD
AMRAP 7 minutes (3 of each, 6 of each, 9, 12)
Thrusters 85#
Pull ups
12rnds + 10 thrusters. Finished off the 5 thrusters and 15 pull ups after time. Really took it easy on this wod, think I could do 15 at least if legs were fresher.

Thursday - PR work on push ups, did 32. Then double kb swings, 35# 5x10reps
7x1 Squat Clean
Started with 95, 115, 135, 155 fail, 145, 150, Then got 155! Finished with 160#! NEW PR!

Friday - Skill work was wall climbs, but back is still pretty sore, so skipped it. Did the warmup, then some pistol rolls and prepped for 13.2 wod.
5 - Shoulder to Overhead 115#
10 - Deadlift 115#
15 - Box Jumps 24"
Completed 6 rounds. The S2O were very tough. Failed on rep 3 of round 5 and had to drop the bar. Managed the DL's fine, although had some low back curves and felt like I was too far forward. Box jumps were good, rebounded almost all.

Saturday - St Patricks Day 5 miler! Nice and easy with Sam and Keenan, 10:20 pace, 52 minutes.

Sunday - Bikram Yoga! Feels so nice being warm. Sweating out everything is a good start to the day, but feels stiff later on... probably from sitting too much.

Monday, March 04, 2013

March in like a Lion!

Monday - Skill work on double under ladder, 5.. 10.. 15, if you miss, start over. made it to 12, 12, 13, then finally made 16. Then supposed to do max consecutive TTB... still can't link them together, so 1. Finished skill work on skin the cat. Still need some work on bringing the legs up in pike. WOD:

12.3 Open
AMRAP in 18 minutes
15 box jumps 24"
12 STO 95#
6 rounds + 24 reps. not bad, was bounding good on the box jumps. Tore right palm on ttb, next to last round.

Tuesday - Traveling WODberries, went to St Chux. Did a cool warm up, partner wall balls 18#, wall ball toss, wall ball sit ups, and over the shoulders. Did some practice with KB snatch and releases, used 35 and 40#. Then did a double partner WOD:
30 Double Unders - while partner holds KB goblet squat.
30 KB snatch - partner holds plank
30 Double Unders - KB goblet squat
30 KB hand releases - plank
30 Double Unders - KB goblet squat
Finished wod1 in 10:36
21 - 15 - 9
KB Swings
HR Push Ups
Finished in 5 something.

Wednesday - Started with du ladder, then 500m row for time. Started great 1:32 pace, and then imploded. Finished 1:44? WOD:

12.2 OPEN
AMRAP 10 minutes
30 reps of each snatch, increasing weight after each 30
65# - 30
95# - 28
Finished the last couple 95 after, then attempted 120#. Could not get under the bar for it. Needs work.

Thusday - A little sore today, so went easy. Did ab ripper in the morning. Then did 4 mile loop before lunch. Felt great on the run, better pace than last time.

Friday - Skill work on double unders - 46 new pr? Shoulders a little sore during bridges, but only did 2 for 20 seconds. Then did 10! ring dips, on the minute for 10 mins. Had to use a band on round 6, but finished 5-1 without. WOD:

AMRAP in 20 minutes
100 Feet yoke walk + 70#
20 back squats 95#
300 foot sprint
got to round 7 + 7 squats.

Saturday - Golden Egg 5k, running with Wy. Ran 3 miles over to race, pouring rain and a lot colder than expected. Had a couple minutes to stand around, then the race started. We kept a nice steady pace, slow and easy on the hills, but steady passing people too. Wy did great pushing through! Struggled a lot after mile 2 - 2.5 but kept going and did not stop. Passed people up the last big hill coming up on 3 miles and pushed hard to the finish. Not his best time, but definitely best performance! 29:14?

Sunday - Hit Bikram yoga first thing. Great class, really felt good after. Little stiff in the back.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Finish out February

Monday - Really tired body today, legs starting to feel heavy, but tried to stay at it. Skill work on kipping hspu. Struggling doing them away from the wall and don't understand why. PreWod was a double tabata set of Paralette holds and double unders. WOD:
21 - 15 - 9
Thrusters 75#
Pull Ups
7:45. Coulda, shoulda, woulda. Should have done 85, or even RX weight. Was worried about how drained the body felt. Would like to do this RX when I feel better.

Tuesday - Rest day! Slushy roads and rain/snow, so I bagged the run. Did a little mobility and 50 situps.

Wednesday - Skill work on HSPU, used an ab mat, 5x5. Then bar muscle ups from the box, 5x4. Then transitions with a band on the rings.
WOD - Heavy Deadlifts 2 every minute for 10 mins.
Round 1 - 2 = 235#
Round 3 - 8 = 240#
Round 9 = 235#
Round 10 = 245# x 1, then fail. Finished 235# x 2.

Thursday - Did ab work in the morning. Tried to do some of the WOD, but hspu were not happening. Was able to do a round of pistols. Got on the bike trainer before lunch. Only rode for 20 minutes, and was feeling it! Need to do more of it.

Friday - Skill work, last day of hspu. Did 5x4 hspu with ab mat (failed on 5th rep last 3 rounds.) Then worked on windshield wipers. Did a couple rounds on the ground, then attempted 5x10 from bar. Had to bend knees on all of them, still not able to do a real wiper.
Buy In: 20 strict pull ups
12 KB SDHP 70#
12 Wall balls 16#
9:49. was breaking up the sdhp 6+6, and even 6+4+2. Had to take a couple breaks on the wall balls as well.

Saturday - Fight Gone Bad!

3 rounds for total reps
Wall Balls (used 16#, not 20)
SDHP 75#
Box Jumps 20"
Push Presses 75#
Row for calories

Round1 Round2 Round3
Wallballs 20 20 20
SDHP 20 15 15
BoxJump 30 30 25
PushPress 17 15 15
Row Cals 15 14 13
102 94 88
Total = 284

Sunday - Saturday night went to dinner at Brazilian steakhouse... nonstop grilled meat for 90 minutes! Stomach overload. So I fasted through breakfast on Sunday, went for an easy 3 mile jog before lunch. Then went to Bikram Yoga in the afternoon. CRAZY hot, 90 minutes of sweating and stretching.