Sunday, February 24, 2013


Monday - More work on hand stand rolls, getting better. Then handstands on the wall and 1 hand shoulder touches. Damn near impossible facing away from the wall, but was able to do them fine facing the wall. Pre-wod was 8 rounds 5 ring rows. WOD:
7x1 every 3 minutes. Heavy Front Squat.
Started at 115#. Round 5 was 175#, round 6 failed on 185# and had to drop to 170. Finished with 175#.

Tuesday - Easy run. 4 miles in some strong wind. Pace was very slow.

Wednesday - Tabata Air Squats - 112. WOD:
JACKIE- For Time
1,000m row
50 thrusters 45# bar
30 pull ups
10:30 - feel like I could have gone faster with the thrusters, just gave in to pain. PR on the row, well < 4 min.

Thursday - 2 mile easy bike warm up. Then Cash-in: Karen (150 wall balls), only used a 16# ball. 10:02
5x5 Power Cleans
started with 115#, last round got 145# twice, finished 135# four more.

Friday - Did some ab work in the morning. Too much snow on the ground to get a run in, and started feeling stiff, so headed to CoreCond in the evening. Not the normal class, and I could tell in the warmup the quads were spent. Worked on handstand shoulder touches, then max height box jumps. Only got to 40.5" once... Finished with a partner wod: 6 rounds: 1 person row 250m, the other does burpees, then switch. 15:21 total time, 211 burpees. I was only getting 16-18 per round.

Saturday - Going to look at houses, so this may be a much needed rest day.

Sunday - Castlewood Cup! Tough run... weather turned out pretty good, but lots of snow/slush on the trail. Ran with yak tracks on to help. Heated up a bit in the tights and thermal top, had to yank the hat and gloves a couple times, probably could have gone with shorts, but who know. Felt pretty good for the first 5-6 miles, possibly a little fast on the pace, but was trying to stay with Bob and not make them wait. Walked most of the hills, especially after 5 miles, the left hip was pinching and causing some decent pain. Legs were really spent near the end, so the last 1.5 miles felt like they took forever. Finished in 1:35, and besides being passed by the guy dressed as Fred Flintstone, felt good being back out there!

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