Saturday, January 26, 2013

Almost forgot how this works...

Mon 1/21 - Worked on wall stands 2x1 min. Then attempts at lifting each hand while in a wall stand. Finally made attempts at free hand stand.... yeah, that ain't happening.
6 RFT - 16:30
15 - push ups
15 - Ball slams 30#
15 Wall Balls 16#
Wall balls got tough on the hips, basically had to break everything up in 3x5reps. Couple times pushed for more than 5, but none were unbroken after round 2.

Tues - Heavy day
Hang snatches 5x5 E3M @ 80-84% of 1rm

Wed - rest?

Thur - Heavy Hang Cleans

Fri -

21 DB push presses
30 Ft walking lunges
21 Burpees
30 Ft walking lunges
15 DB thrusters
30 Ft walking lunges
15 Burpees
30 Ft walking lunges
9  DB cleans(DB has to touch floor)
30 Ft walking lunges
9  Burpees
30 Ft walking lunges

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Can it get any worse....

Tues - Appt with Dr Kings AP, xray of my hips. Arthritis and inflamation, cam impingement. Final destination is hip replacement.... Talked about contrast imaging to find out how bad the hips are. Possibility of shaving the hip bones and reattaching any torn ligaments, etc. Got a cortisone shot in the right hip, return visit in 3 weeks.

Thurs - First day back, trying to take it slow and easy... Worked on bar muscle ups. Used the box and the middle bar, got 3 or 4 in a row.
9 KB SDHP(62/45)
6 Box Jumps(20 or lower)
5 ring rows & 5 ring dips

Fri - Was worried about this wod, any depth on the squat, so kept it very light.
7x1 Every 2 minutes - Thrusters 115#

Sat - Warmed up with 2 miles on bike, did some deadlifts 155# and ball slams. Judged the WOD, then attempted to test a'run'.... Not even close. A LOT of pain, pushed through about half a mile, then had to walk. Tried to push another half or so with more walking just to make it back. Not a good day....