Monday, October 08, 2012


Monday - Did 4 rounds - 1 minute of burpees, 1 min rest. 26,24,20,22 (or close to it).

2K Row For Time - 7:48, not bad.

Tuesday - Went back to xfit, feet needed an extra day break. Skill work was headstands.

50 foot bear crawl
7 back squats 75#
Did 17 rounds plus bear crawls.
Finished off with 15 mins on the bike.

Wednesday - did an easy 4 miles, 8 min pace.

Thursday - Headed to Forest Park to do a mapmyrun course. Tried to run a tempo pace, first lap went well, 7:36 pace for 5.75 miles. Second lap ended with some bad IT band pain. Legs were just not feeling it. 8 min pace, with a couple stops for stretching the right leg.

Friday - Took it easy, tried some yoga and light stretching.

Saturday - Race to Cure Lymphoma 10K! The weather took an unwelcome cold dip! Not very fun... Plus I got the start times confused, and was warmed up and ready to go at 7:30... while the race did not start til 8:10... Oi! Plan for the race was to run easy and enjoy it. Felt good and kept the pace easy at the start 7+ min pace for the first half. Once the 5K runners finished and we started the second lap, there were only a few people running the 10K... so of course, I pushed the pace a little. Dropped a little to 6:4x pace, pushed to pass a female runner ahead of me, and then continued to try and catch another Fleet Feet runner. Caught him about mile 5, then decided to just pass him and go to the finish. Pushed ahead and finished strong! 4th place overall and 1st in 40+ Masters.

Sunday - MO Cowbell Half Marathon - Another bitter cold morning, fun fun! Definitely wanted to run a little conservative on this.. but again went faster than should have. Ran into Joe from xfit a mile or two in and ran with him until around mile 7, then had to let him go on. Had a debacle just after mile 7 with the water stop and gel.. couldn't get the first gel open, and couldn't get the second gel into the zip pocket out back.. Ended up running with a gel pack down my shorts for a couple miles. The hills dont come until late in this race, and I was feeling them. Somehow ran a negative split even with the slowdown of the hills! After mile 11, it's all downhill.. but some of them are VERY steep downhill... pretty painful on the quads and the ankle!
Finished in 1:38, pushed fairly hard the last mile to catch a fellow Fleet Feet runner, 7:30 pace overall.
Grabbed a quick ART rub down on the hip before devouring 2 sugar cookies, cinnamon raisin, blueberry, and apple cinnamon bread, a banana and some chocolate milk! Then headed to Ys football game. Oddly enough, the walk to the car was tough, ankle was very sore and right kneecap starting hurting..

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