Monday, October 29, 2012

Recovery Week

Monday was definitely a slow day! Did some yoga stretches, then walked the dog. Walked around walmart and that was about it.

Tuesday, feeling better, but legs are still sore! Walked the dog again, and gave running a try for a couple yards.... not ready for sure. When Y got home, we rode bikes up to the kennel, 4 miles... plenty.

Wednesday - Went to xfit.... did an easy warm up and some of the skill work on head stand to hand stand. The wod was not going to happen, too much running and leg work, not ready yet. I did 8-10 Turkish getups, used 35#, then 40#, then 45#, then finished the rest with 40#. After that I warmed up with 75# push press, then 95#. Even did a set of R dead lift with 95#. Finished up the morning with:
Push Press 95#
Pull ups
Sit ups
After the workout, had an appt with Dr ART.  He seems hopeful that it is a lower ab (rectus abdominis something) that is wrecked. Hopeful for no surgery.

Thursday - More shoulder work. Warmed up easy on the bike, practiced skin the cat 10 times, then did 4 laps down and back (200ft) farmers walk with 70# DBs. Rough on the grip and forearms.
WOD was 7x1 Strict Press, every 1:30. Started with 65#, 75#, 80#, 85#, 90#, 95#, failed on 100#, last attempt made 97#.
Walked the dog our standard 2 mile route.

Friday - Planning on a rest day. Zombie Paintball tonight with Wyatt and Nolan.

Saturday - Did an outdoor WOD
50 - Burpees
50 - V Ups (TuckUps)
50 - Jumping Air Squats
50 - 15ft Bear Crawls
50 - Hill sprints

Sunday - Got up late and sat around a bit too long, but still made it out to the trail a little after 8. Only had time to get in 8 miles at ICC - 9:39 pace. Felt good to run again, and 8 was probably plenty. Wish the ab and ankle would heal someday!

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