Monday, October 22, 2012

Final Taper Week!

Monday - Last minute decision to go to xfit to work off some of the poor nutrition decision from the weekend. Skill work was windshield wipers... still horrible at them on the bar. Fine on the floor, but ab muscle strain was screaming.

Dumbbell Thrusters 30#
CTB Pull ups with red band
6:08? - left shoulder was not happy, and just overall no energy, o took it light and easy. CTB pullups are a big weakness!

Went for an easy run right after class, 3.75 miles? Unsure of pace since the Garmin clicked on in the bag.... and stayed on during the ride to ART. Was hopeful that DrL found what was causing the pain... no such luck, pain was gone for a bit, but returned at night and the next morning.

Tuesday - Easy 3.65 miles with some hills, 8:35 pace. Need to foam roll tonight...

Wednesday - Another ART appointment... fingers crossed.  Supposed to do the last easy 2 miles today, but may need to postpone til tomorrow.

Thursday - Did final 2.3 mile taper run. Good pace, hopefully everything falls in to place for the run!

Friday - Full rest today. Nutrition suffered a little, had dinner with family at Olive Garden.

Saturday - Up early, headed down to Dogwood Canyon. Horrible nutrition options... extra large salad bar salad for lunch, some excuse for grilled chicken, and a baked sweet potato. Dinner was a Hammer bar and a sweet potato.

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