Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Closing out September

Sept 22-23 - The day from HELL. Go Ruck. More on that later.
GoRuck Challenge Class 260 Cadre Wood. Started, but never finished.

Monday Sept24 - Did tabata hollow body rocks.

Start with 6 pistols alternating legs
40 front squats
Anytime the bar drops, stop and do 6 pistols
Did 12,10,10,10 using 105#, 24 total pistols.

Tuesday Sept25 - Easy 4 mile run.

Wednesday Sept26 - 12 mile tempo run through town, avg 8:08 pace. Run started great until about mile 8, went downhill from there.

Thursday Sept27 - Skill work on Turkish getups, used 35#. Also did a 500m row for time, 1:48?

For time 21-15-9
KB snatch 35 or 40#
KB front squat
OHP (started 65#, dropped to 55#, then up to 60# for last 9)

Snatches were easy, 5 each arm unbroken. Squats weren't bad, tiring on the shoulders. OHP was rough! Really pressing the back into it, had to drop weight to keep from straining.
Did a 4 mile easy run at football practice.

Saturday Sept29 - Rock Bridge Revenge 25K + 10 miles. The race went well, besides falling at mile 2... Kept an easy pace, felt good, walked a couple big hills. Pushed it pretty good at the end. After the race, talked for a bit, had a pancake, and picked up 3 more for later. Then headed back out for my extra mileage. Volunteered to pick up all the flags, so did a lot of stopping and starting. Never seems to go well when I stop  for a while, or take too many breaks... and it didn't go well this time. Legs were REALLY tired. Had to walk more than I wanted, and started having some major right side IT band pain. Had to limp the last 1.5 miles. Not fun.

Sunday Sept30 - Went for an easy run on the Katy with Wy on his bike. Probably should have just gone for a bike ride. The legs were in bad condition. Had to walk again on the way back, only got 8 miles. 9:22 pace.

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