Monday, October 29, 2012

Recovery Week

Monday was definitely a slow day! Did some yoga stretches, then walked the dog. Walked around walmart and that was about it.

Tuesday, feeling better, but legs are still sore! Walked the dog again, and gave running a try for a couple yards.... not ready for sure. When Y got home, we rode bikes up to the kennel, 4 miles... plenty.

Wednesday - Went to xfit.... did an easy warm up and some of the skill work on head stand to hand stand. The wod was not going to happen, too much running and leg work, not ready yet. I did 8-10 Turkish getups, used 35#, then 40#, then 45#, then finished the rest with 40#. After that I warmed up with 75# push press, then 95#. Even did a set of R dead lift with 95#. Finished up the morning with:
Push Press 95#
Pull ups
Sit ups
After the workout, had an appt with Dr ART.  He seems hopeful that it is a lower ab (rectus abdominis something) that is wrecked. Hopeful for no surgery.

Thursday - More shoulder work. Warmed up easy on the bike, practiced skin the cat 10 times, then did 4 laps down and back (200ft) farmers walk with 70# DBs. Rough on the grip and forearms.
WOD was 7x1 Strict Press, every 1:30. Started with 65#, 75#, 80#, 85#, 90#, 95#, failed on 100#, last attempt made 97#.
Walked the dog our standard 2 mile route.

Friday - Planning on a rest day. Zombie Paintball tonight with Wyatt and Nolan.

Saturday - Did an outdoor WOD
50 - Burpees
50 - V Ups (TuckUps)
50 - Jumping Air Squats
50 - 15ft Bear Crawls
50 - Hill sprints

Sunday - Got up late and sat around a bit too long, but still made it out to the trail a little after 8. Only had time to get in 8 miles at ICC - 9:39 pace. Felt good to run again, and 8 was probably plenty. Wish the ab and ankle would heal someday!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dogwood Canyon 50K

Nerves were pretty high for my first 50K, got up 3 hours early and had a bowl of oatmeal and some greek yogurt. Got to the park around 7 and had time to walk around and rethink my drop bag. Finally decided on using it, pretty glad I did. Put in a change of socks and shoes, plus the ankle brace and ipod. Never swapped shoes, but did use the ankle brace and 1 sock, plus the ipod. Really think the music helped near the end.
The race started pretty typical, the mass of 15, 25 and 50K runners all packed together.
Crossed the covered bridge and continued along the paved trail for a while, until it finally turned to some gravel double track. We also hit the first of MANY creek crossings. It did help to thin the crowd, although still had people splashing through. I tried to pick the edges and stride long enough to miss the deep water... that was only effective on the first couple. I remember about 10-12 creek crossings in the first 7 miles or so. Plenty of wet feet, but the shoes seemed to dry out ok, no real issues.
The 'spectator' station was around 7.5-8 miles, was feeling good coming into seeing the family. All smiles and pics!

At the first couple aid stations, I just grabbed some potatoes and water. Wasn't anything I used in training, but felt ok risking it. I still had my gels, and tried to stay on schedule taking one every 45 minutes.

At the 15 mile aid station I stopped for my drop bag. The ankle was getting fairly painful and the rocky footing had me worried. So I put on the ankle brace, a new sock on the left foot, and grabbed the ipod.  Then the shoe back on and grabbed a pack of crackers from the aid station and headed out. This is where the trail headed out into some fields, felt like we were on top of a mountain clearing. At the peak of the field there was a pack of horses that came down to see what I was doing. Wasn't sure how they would react, so just kept cruising along. I headed down a hill and around a corner through another field, and in the distance saw 2 horses messing with something. Gave out a loud shout which scared them off... and found out the one horse was knocking a trail marker sign down. Glad I saw them, any later and I'm sure I would have missed that turn!
Saw the family another time after passing the aid station again (mile 18 or so.) This was another section on the paved path through the park.... I really preferred the trails, but the flat path was admittedly a nice change. I even paused to pick a rose for Lori :) A slight negative on the paved path sections were the public tram tours and bikers, but didn't really cause much of an issue.

Off of the path, we started back into the hills, woods and creek crossings. Legs were pretty tired, even this early, which I didn't expect... but the worst part was the pain in my quads and knees. The pounding from the steep downhills had definitely taken its toll, and my legs were trashed. The creek crossing that I was able to skip through and just barely get wet in the beginning, now seemed like 4 foot deep wading pools! While the cold water felt good on the feet, and splashing up on my legs, the water logged shoes felt like lead weights on my feet.
While it was understandable to walk the uphills in the first half of the race, for the latter sections I was forced to walk most of the downhills too. Both because of the pain, and for fear of loosing my footing. I did what I could to run the flatter sections and just keep moving however I could on the hills. The closer to the end I got, the more I ran up the hills, figuring there was nothing to lose, no 'saving it' for later. And some of the 'not so steep' downhill sections, I just endured the pain, trying to stay light on my feet and skip down the trail.
At the 25 mile mark I hit what I thought was the last aid station. Not much on the table either, but grabbed a couple potatoes and some jelly beans, quick drink of gatorade and headed up a hill.
The trail headed back up and made a couple more passes through the power line cut outs. That was one of the coolest views I have ever seen, looking back across the up and down cut outs, seeing where the trail had crossed before. Really wish I had brought the camera for that shot! I pressed on, not really seeing anyone for quite a while, and feeling very tired and ready to be done. After about 4 miles, coming down a hill... there it was, an 'extra' aid station! The extra last aid station was a VERY welcome surprise. Not that I needed anything for fuel, only grabbed a small cup of gatorade... and re filled my bottle. I seemed to go through twice the amount of water in the last 10 miles as I did in the first 20. Not sure what that is all about.
Before leaving the aid station, one of the guys said something about 'almost there' and 'only 3 more miles'... Not what I needed to hear. In my head I was calculating it to be another 2 miles. That put me in a funk for a bit, until I came up on 2 guys walking... one of them in a pink tutu. We exchanged hello's, and one of them joked, 'OK, now it's a race.' They picked up the pace and started running some after I passed them, which was just what I needed to push me on and not stop. Most of the creek crossing were still left, but I trudged through as best I could, not wanting to give up an inch to anyone behind me. Then the most welcome sight  arrived... I hit the first bridge we crossed at the beginning of the race. I knew I was close. I could finally see the main lodge... and the bridge... and the finish! I was grunting the whole way, but not slowing down. When I got to the bridge, the people who were standing and sitting all along it started cheering, what a great feeling. And there in front of me was Lori snapping pictures from the finish line!

It was over and I was spent! I got my medal, hugged Lori, and then Wyatt and my mom came running up. And oddly enough, I started dancing to Gangnam Style song that was playing on the speakers. What a great race, and great day.
Final Results were very surprising (although after the fact, could have done much better; more than 25 minutes of non-moving time!)

Michael Allen
bib number: 602
age: 40
gender: M
location: Wentzville, MO
overall place: 18 out of 60
division place: 3 out of 10
gender place: 15 out of 45
time: 6:08:25
pace: 11:54

I received the 2nd place award for my age group (1st in my age group took 2nd overall!)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Final Taper Week!

Monday - Last minute decision to go to xfit to work off some of the poor nutrition decision from the weekend. Skill work was windshield wipers... still horrible at them on the bar. Fine on the floor, but ab muscle strain was screaming.

Dumbbell Thrusters 30#
CTB Pull ups with red band
6:08? - left shoulder was not happy, and just overall no energy, o took it light and easy. CTB pullups are a big weakness!

Went for an easy run right after class, 3.75 miles? Unsure of pace since the Garmin clicked on in the bag.... and stayed on during the ride to ART. Was hopeful that DrL found what was causing the pain... no such luck, pain was gone for a bit, but returned at night and the next morning.

Tuesday - Easy 3.65 miles with some hills, 8:35 pace. Need to foam roll tonight...

Wednesday - Another ART appointment... fingers crossed.  Supposed to do the last easy 2 miles today, but may need to postpone til tomorrow.

Thursday - Did final 2.3 mile taper run. Good pace, hopefully everything falls in to place for the run!

Friday - Full rest today. Nutrition suffered a little, had dinner with family at Olive Garden.

Saturday - Up early, headed down to Dogwood Canyon. Horrible nutrition options... extra large salad bar salad for lunch, some excuse for grilled chicken, and a baked sweet potato. Dinner was a Hammer bar and a sweet potato.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Taper week 2... er

Monday - I really need to do a better job of tapering... Headed to xfit, since I was up. Did 5 rounds of 30 double unders, believe 3 rounds were unbroken! Then skill work was HSPU. Goal was 40 hspu in 6 minutes... made 8+2 kipping, then added the ab mat to finish with a couple sets of 2-5, ended with 24 total.
Cash in:
75 sit ups w/ab mat for time - finished under 2:30?
OHS 7x1 (1 rep every 2:30)
Started at 75#, 95#, 115#, 120#, 125#, 130?.. Finished with 135#, failed on 2 attempts, actually 1 was good, but not low enough. Last attempt was a good rep. New PR.

Tuesday - Easy 4 mile jog

Wednesday - Skill work was heavy (70#) KB swings with a blue band attached from KB to feet. Worked on snapping hips, clenching butt.

AMRAP in 6 Minutes
5 Box jumps 24"
5 KBS 53#
5 Double unders
5 KBS 53#
5 rounds + 7.  Arms were pretty shot, but box jumps were sloppy. Not very good rebounding. Also, double unders had issues, some rounds had a trip up after 1 or 2 and had to restart.

Went to ART after to get ab and hip worked on. Really sore!

Thursday - Skill work was handstand holds, 4 or 5 rounds of 45sec hold. Then did kb windmills? odd.
Cash in was 75 airsquats, 1:38.

Split jerks 7x1 (every 3 minutes) - 75#, 95#, 115#, 125#, 135#, 145# - failed first try, made it second. Attempted 150# and failed, then did 145# again. NEW PR!

Did an easy 5.5 miles at Rotary during Y football practice. 8:41 pace, feeling slow.

Friday - All rest and stretching and rolling.

Saturday - Wild in the Woods 10 mile race at Indian Camp Creek. I admit it, I have a problem taking it easy in a race situation... or at least near the end or it.  Felt like I stayed in check for most of the first half, but as others start to slow down, or I start to catch people.... the pace goes up. The last 3 miles I was pushing pretty hard, and the last mile was all out, passing 3 guys in the last .5 mile or less. Finished in 9th overall and 2nd in AG.... but legs are going to pay.

Sunday - Took Y and the dog to the park to walk and play... Easy day to relax... but Oh Momma, did nutrition go out the window!

Monday, October 08, 2012


Monday - Did 4 rounds - 1 minute of burpees, 1 min rest. 26,24,20,22 (or close to it).

2K Row For Time - 7:48, not bad.

Tuesday - Went back to xfit, feet needed an extra day break. Skill work was headstands.

50 foot bear crawl
7 back squats 75#
Did 17 rounds plus bear crawls.
Finished off with 15 mins on the bike.

Wednesday - did an easy 4 miles, 8 min pace.

Thursday - Headed to Forest Park to do a mapmyrun course. Tried to run a tempo pace, first lap went well, 7:36 pace for 5.75 miles. Second lap ended with some bad IT band pain. Legs were just not feeling it. 8 min pace, with a couple stops for stretching the right leg.

Friday - Took it easy, tried some yoga and light stretching.

Saturday - Race to Cure Lymphoma 10K! The weather took an unwelcome cold dip! Not very fun... Plus I got the start times confused, and was warmed up and ready to go at 7:30... while the race did not start til 8:10... Oi! Plan for the race was to run easy and enjoy it. Felt good and kept the pace easy at the start 7+ min pace for the first half. Once the 5K runners finished and we started the second lap, there were only a few people running the 10K... so of course, I pushed the pace a little. Dropped a little to 6:4x pace, pushed to pass a female runner ahead of me, and then continued to try and catch another Fleet Feet runner. Caught him about mile 5, then decided to just pass him and go to the finish. Pushed ahead and finished strong! 4th place overall and 1st in 40+ Masters.

Sunday - MO Cowbell Half Marathon - Another bitter cold morning, fun fun! Definitely wanted to run a little conservative on this.. but again went faster than should have. Ran into Joe from xfit a mile or two in and ran with him until around mile 7, then had to let him go on. Had a debacle just after mile 7 with the water stop and gel.. couldn't get the first gel open, and couldn't get the second gel into the zip pocket out back.. Ended up running with a gel pack down my shorts for a couple miles. The hills dont come until late in this race, and I was feeling them. Somehow ran a negative split even with the slowdown of the hills! After mile 11, it's all downhill.. but some of them are VERY steep downhill... pretty painful on the quads and the ankle!
Finished in 1:38, pushed fairly hard the last mile to catch a fellow Fleet Feet runner, 7:30 pace overall.
Grabbed a quick ART rub down on the hip before devouring 2 sugar cookies, cinnamon raisin, blueberry, and apple cinnamon bread, a banana and some chocolate milk! Then headed to Ys football game. Oddly enough, the walk to the car was tough, ankle was very sore and right kneecap starting hurting..

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Closing out September

Sept 22-23 - The day from HELL. Go Ruck. More on that later.
GoRuck Challenge Class 260 Cadre Wood. Started, but never finished.

Monday Sept24 - Did tabata hollow body rocks.

Start with 6 pistols alternating legs
40 front squats
Anytime the bar drops, stop and do 6 pistols
Did 12,10,10,10 using 105#, 24 total pistols.

Tuesday Sept25 - Easy 4 mile run.

Wednesday Sept26 - 12 mile tempo run through town, avg 8:08 pace. Run started great until about mile 8, went downhill from there.

Thursday Sept27 - Skill work on Turkish getups, used 35#. Also did a 500m row for time, 1:48?

For time 21-15-9
KB snatch 35 or 40#
KB front squat
OHP (started 65#, dropped to 55#, then up to 60# for last 9)

Snatches were easy, 5 each arm unbroken. Squats weren't bad, tiring on the shoulders. OHP was rough! Really pressing the back into it, had to drop weight to keep from straining.
Did a 4 mile easy run at football practice.

Saturday Sept29 - Rock Bridge Revenge 25K + 10 miles. The race went well, besides falling at mile 2... Kept an easy pace, felt good, walked a couple big hills. Pushed it pretty good at the end. After the race, talked for a bit, had a pancake, and picked up 3 more for later. Then headed back out for my extra mileage. Volunteered to pick up all the flags, so did a lot of stopping and starting. Never seems to go well when I stop  for a while, or take too many breaks... and it didn't go well this time. Legs were REALLY tired. Had to walk more than I wanted, and started having some major right side IT band pain. Had to limp the last 1.5 miles. Not fun.

Sunday Sept30 - Went for an easy run on the Katy with Wy on his bike. Probably should have just gone for a bike ride. The legs were in bad condition. Had to walk again on the way back, only got 8 miles. 9:22 pace.