Sunday, August 05, 2012

Weekend Long Runs

Saturday headed to Chubb trail. There were some pretty good thunderstorms, and lots of heavy rain. Still headed out, hoping the trail drained well... It did not.
The first 4 miles were the worst for mud. Everything after that was hilly. 7.5 to the turn around point, did an extra 2 mile loop. Followed the trail back to where the field begins, but took a 1.5 or so side road for extra miles. Then headed toward the MUD. Not fun! Ended with 17.5 plus jogged back to the Wild Bird Sanctuary... so probably 18.5... but not the 22 that I wanted. Pretty close to 4 hrs of running though.

Sunday went for 9 miles around town... took a while to get motivated and get out, but finally did it. 8:52 pace, nice and easy.

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