Friday, August 03, 2012

Week review before long run

Tuesday did an easy run 4 miles 8:46 pace, then 40push ups/sit ups.
Wednesday was a butt kicker. 10 miles at ICC, 1.5 mile warm up, then pushed it for 6-7 miles, then 1.5 cool down. Really pushed the pace and the hills! 1:32:00 on the trail was tough!
Thursday was spent. Did some yoga in the morning and short walk with the dog. Couldn't muster anything else.
Friday - 10 kip pull ups, 10 kip ring dips, 5 strict.

3 Power snatches 85#
5 HSPU ab mat
7 Box jumps 24"
8:41 - slow pace, snatch was rough even at light weight, form wasn't great. HSPU went very easy, box was OK. Need to rest up, 22 miles tomorrow....

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