Sunday, August 19, 2012

Vacation week

Monday - Quads are still scrapped from this weekend... even feeling it during the warm up. Skill work on ring rows. 7x10 rows feet on a box... after round 5, they got bad... just bad.

20 calorie row
2 rope climb with feet
30 thrusters 75#
2 rope climb with feet
20 calorie row
7:56 - First row and rope climbs were pretty easy. Thrusters sucked, just not enough energy for it. 10-10-5-5... at that rate, should have done a heavier weight. Last rope climb was pretty tough, and just pushed through the row. Did 50 sit ups after, then managed 2 push press @ 95#.

Tuesday - Skill work on dead lift. Did 1 lift every minute for 15 mins. 5 x 135, 5 x 185, 2 x 245?, 3 x 235.
AMRAP in 7 minutes
6 Deadlift 195#
6 Wall balls 20#
5 rounds + 6 DL - deadlifts felt good, but assuming form started to give near the end, really felt in the back the next couple days.
Ran an easy 4.5+ up to Rotary park practice.

Wednesday - Ran an easy 4 before leaving for Mexico.
Mexico was great! Ate like crazy, drank like crazy!
Thursday morning did yoga, very calm and easy.
Friday we went snorkeling and walked around shopping.
Saturday decided to get a long run in. Ended up 13 miles easy pace, but no water or fuel... Then had a great massage and spa day.
Sunday did another run, 8 miles easy pace. No drinks on Sunday, but plenty of eating... then the long late flight home.
So gained some weight on the trip (148) and dropped some bfat (10.5)... interesting, considering I ate cake and ice cream at almost every dinner... and some lunches... plus brown sugar french toast for breakfast!

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