Sunday, August 19, 2012

Vacation week

Monday - Quads are still scrapped from this weekend... even feeling it during the warm up. Skill work on ring rows. 7x10 rows feet on a box... after round 5, they got bad... just bad.

20 calorie row
2 rope climb with feet
30 thrusters 75#
2 rope climb with feet
20 calorie row
7:56 - First row and rope climbs were pretty easy. Thrusters sucked, just not enough energy for it. 10-10-5-5... at that rate, should have done a heavier weight. Last rope climb was pretty tough, and just pushed through the row. Did 50 sit ups after, then managed 2 push press @ 95#.

Tuesday - Skill work on dead lift. Did 1 lift every minute for 15 mins. 5 x 135, 5 x 185, 2 x 245?, 3 x 235.
AMRAP in 7 minutes
6 Deadlift 195#
6 Wall balls 20#
5 rounds + 6 DL - deadlifts felt good, but assuming form started to give near the end, really felt in the back the next couple days.
Ran an easy 4.5+ up to Rotary park practice.

Wednesday - Ran an easy 4 before leaving for Mexico.
Mexico was great! Ate like crazy, drank like crazy!
Thursday morning did yoga, very calm and easy.
Friday we went snorkeling and walked around shopping.
Saturday decided to get a long run in. Ended up 13 miles easy pace, but no water or fuel... Then had a great massage and spa day.
Sunday did another run, 8 miles easy pace. No drinks on Sunday, but plenty of eating... then the long late flight home.
So gained some weight on the trip (148) and dropped some bfat (10.5)... interesting, considering I ate cake and ice cream at almost every dinner... and some lunches... plus brown sugar french toast for breakfast!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekend fun

Took Friday off, walked the dog and relaxed. Much cooler weather.
Sat had the Scorcher 4 run with Jim. Did an easy 3 mile warm up. Started the race slow and easy with Jim. Ran some serious negative splits. Finished pushing hard with another guy from the group. Then headed out for another 4 mile cool down.
Sunday changed plans and joined the bike group. Tough 30 miles plus 9 there and back for 48 total. St Paul hills were tough on the quads. Tired now...

Friday, August 10, 2012

Week review - added 2 a day

Monday had to take a rest day after the long run weekend. Walked the dog 2 miles and did some yoga and ab work.
Tuesday headed to Xfit. Worked on chest2Bar pull ups. WOD was a 21 minute chipper. 3 minutes at each station. With the extra time do air squats.
30 double unders
30 push press 45#
10 wall climbs
30 front squat 45#
30 box jumps 24"
30 GTO 45#
30 push ups
Total air squats = 306. Double unders still sucked. Push press made it to 20 or 25 before resting. Wall climbs got rough, maybe 4, 3, 2, 1? Front squat went well, 15+15. Did decent on box, one at a time, no bounding. Did snatch for GTO, pretty well actually, 15+15. Finished pushup in 10+10+5+5. Did 100 situps after.
Wednesday - Speedwork... Did not go as planned. 2 mile warmup over to the track, then wanted to do 5 or 6 mile repeats < 6:30 pace. First 2 were too fast, under 6:20. Third was 6:27, but was a struggle to finish, legs were very tired and heavy. Had to cut the fourth short, only did 800m, but a fast pace. Did a couple short box jumps, then 1 mile tempo at 7ish pace and finished 2.5 miles cooldown back home.
Thursday - Skill work was hang power cleans, we did not go for weight, worked on form @ 95#??
5 Rounds For Time
6 Pistols 
9 ab-mat sit ups
attempted hspu strict, did most kipping. Just tried to protect the knees on the pistols. 
Ran 4.5 miles easy up to Rotary park in the evening.
Friday was full rest. Walked the dog for 2 miles.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Weekend Long Runs

Saturday headed to Chubb trail. There were some pretty good thunderstorms, and lots of heavy rain. Still headed out, hoping the trail drained well... It did not.
The first 4 miles were the worst for mud. Everything after that was hilly. 7.5 to the turn around point, did an extra 2 mile loop. Followed the trail back to where the field begins, but took a 1.5 or so side road for extra miles. Then headed toward the MUD. Not fun! Ended with 17.5 plus jogged back to the Wild Bird Sanctuary... so probably 18.5... but not the 22 that I wanted. Pretty close to 4 hrs of running though.

Sunday went for 9 miles around town... took a while to get motivated and get out, but finally did it. 8:52 pace, nice and easy.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Week review before long run

Tuesday did an easy run 4 miles 8:46 pace, then 40push ups/sit ups.
Wednesday was a butt kicker. 10 miles at ICC, 1.5 mile warm up, then pushed it for 6-7 miles, then 1.5 cool down. Really pushed the pace and the hills! 1:32:00 on the trail was tough!
Thursday was spent. Did some yoga in the morning and short walk with the dog. Couldn't muster anything else.
Friday - 10 kip pull ups, 10 kip ring dips, 5 strict.

3 Power snatches 85#
5 HSPU ab mat
7 Box jumps 24"
8:41 - slow pace, snatch was rough even at light weight, form wasn't great. HSPU went very easy, box was OK. Need to rest up, 22 miles tomorrow....