Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekend Fun

Friday was a rest day, walked the dog and did some sit ups.

Saturday headed down to the riverfront in StC. Thought there was a better trail along the river, but it was pretty short, not very exciting, and pretty overgrown with weeds and spiderwebs. Got in just under 7 miles, used the Katy trail for some, not very happy with it. Xfit was at a park, so hit it. Did a nice warmup jog down Fox hill and back up. Tried to really drive up the hill, but it was semi short. Then did the wod:
.4 mile run - 2:20
20" Box Jumps
65# Push Press
.4 mile run - 2:32
Total Time = 9:42

Sunday brought rain and cooler temps! Only needed 6 miles, but wanted to keep to the trails, so went to LewisClark. Did the Clark loop and added some at the end. Pushed some of the hills, could really feel it in the rear. Great run, a little slick and soaking wet, but enjoyed it. 10min pace + 1500 ft climbing

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