Sunday, July 08, 2012

Weekend 7/7 - 7/8

Saturday was a long run. Headed to Lost Valley to get in 16-20, depending on feel. Had some blueberry coconut yogurt for breakfast, then fueled with UCan 30 min before the run. Brought along 1 Hammer Gel and 1 chia block, 1 handheld bottle of water and one waist carry bottle with Endurolyte Fizz.
Ate the block around mile 7? Took the gel somewhere between 10 and 14? Wish I remembered, really needed more fuel. Still not working well with Ucan stuff.
Felt like I hit the wall around mile 14 or 15, felt like hell the rest of the way. Had to walk more than I wanted, and cut it just short of 18 miles. Another 11min pace trail run... weak.

Sunday was pretty tired, but headed out to meet the group for a bike ride. Rode 10 over to LSL, then we headed out... different course this time. Went to Femme Osage, with some crazy hills! Legs were spent. Pulled off from the group at Hwy N on the way home. Ended up with 50 miles for the day.

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