Sunday, July 01, 2012

Week in training 6/23-7/1

Saturday was a long run day. Decided to run on the Katy instead of heading to Grants trail, figured the path was softer. Temps warmed up quick, but not too bad. Felt good through mile 17, but as usual, the last couple miles were rough! Had to walk a bunch in last mile or two.
Sunday went on an easy 20 mile bike out to LSL and back.
Monday was  Xfit - WOD
10 Power Cleans 115#?
5 CTB/5 Pull ups
Cleans felt good, c2b were rough, only got a couple each round.
Tuesday did 9 easy on the trail at Indian Camp Creek, did an out and back route just to see the difference.
Wednesday did another 9 miles at ICC, but headed the other direction on the trail, out and back. Legs were pretty spent, and felt much slower. Plus had numerous stops for phone conference.
Thurs was rest. Walked the dog 2 miles. Then dropped the truck off at the shop and rode mtn bike home, and back up to pick it up. Maybe 5-6 miles total.
Friday was Xfit again. WOD was 1 Hang clean to 2 front squats. Starting with 60% and moving up for 7 rounds. Made it to 135#, failed at 140#.
Also started trying to do 100 push ups each day. Made it wed, thur and fri. Plus did 100 sit ups on wed and thur?
Saturday was IronKids triathlon for Wyatt. Got a 9 mile run in after the tri and before lunch. Chowed on some Shakespheres pizza and YoGo after.
Sunday got to ride with Bob and the Fleet feet team. Did 42 miles total including riding over to LSL and home. Pushed pretty hard pace and hills in St Paul.

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