Sunday, July 15, 2012

Post Vacation

Wednesday was a rest day with yoga and walking.
Thursday did speed work, 2 mi warm up; then 4x1 mile repeats @ <6:30 pace; 2 mile cool down.
Friday was.... more speed work. WOD - 10 RFT - 15 push ups + 180 ft sprint, rest 60 sec. Avg 25 sec. Push ups got tough, and even the sprints were rough.
Left for KC friday afternoon. Sat morning was Psycho Summer 20 mile trail race.
This race was CRAZY! Sooo many people dropping out, or dropping down in distance. The course was a 10+ mile trail, had to run it twice. It started pretty slow, with lots of traffic, until the first aid station, around mile 2 or 3?

Ran an easy 5 miles in SD on Sunday, just to test out the legs. Very slow and sore.
Didnt run the rest of the time on vacation.

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