Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mid Week Runs

Tuesday did an easy 4 miles, out and back, nice and flat. Finished with 40 push ups and 40 sit ups. 8:42 pace.
Wednesday headed to Broemmelsiek park for an easy 6 miles. Kept a good flow and decent pace, felt strong at finish, did 40 push/sit ups.
Thursday hit Xfit first, did a 750m row 2:42.7, then WOD was 5 Rounds of 2 Push Press + 6 windshield wipers, then 2 min rest. Used 115# for PP rounds 1-3. Round 4 went up to 120#, round 5 was 125#. Had to rebend on the second 125, but overall felt good. Windshield wipers were better than expected, but VERY ugly.
Got home and did an easy 4 miles, opposite direction of tuesday, and faster pace 8:18

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