Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday wod, no run!

Skill was supposed to be 1 mile run for time.... eh, no. Rowed 2000 instead, 7:56.3, not bad, but could have done better, glutes are feeling it!

2 Squat Cleans @ 80%,  125#
1 Rope Climb
1 Minutes rest between rounds
9:06 - Weight felt great, challenging, possibly getting stronger?? Maybe could have done 5# more? Tried to do round 3-5 rope climbs with no legs, but only able to get half way up. 50 ab-mat sit ups cache out.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekend Fun

Friday was a rest day, walked the dog and did some sit ups.

Saturday headed down to the riverfront in StC. Thought there was a better trail along the river, but it was pretty short, not very exciting, and pretty overgrown with weeds and spiderwebs. Got in just under 7 miles, used the Katy trail for some, not very happy with it. Xfit was at a park, so hit it. Did a nice warmup jog down Fox hill and back up. Tried to really drive up the hill, but it was semi short. Then did the wod:
.4 mile run - 2:20
20" Box Jumps
65# Push Press
.4 mile run - 2:32
Total Time = 9:42

Sunday brought rain and cooler temps! Only needed 6 miles, but wanted to keep to the trails, so went to LewisClark. Did the Clark loop and added some at the end. Pushed some of the hills, could really feel it in the rear. Great run, a little slick and soaking wet, but enjoyed it. 10min pace + 1500 ft climbing

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mid Week Runs

Tuesday did an easy 4 miles, out and back, nice and flat. Finished with 40 push ups and 40 sit ups. 8:42 pace.
Wednesday headed to Broemmelsiek park for an easy 6 miles. Kept a good flow and decent pace, felt strong at finish, did 40 push/sit ups.
Thursday hit Xfit first, did a 750m row 2:42.7, then WOD was 5 Rounds of 2 Push Press + 6 windshield wipers, then 2 min rest. Used 115# for PP rounds 1-3. Round 4 went up to 120#, round 5 was 125#. Had to rebend on the second 125, but overall felt good. Windshield wipers were better than expected, but VERY ugly.
Got home and did an easy 4 miles, opposite direction of tuesday, and faster pace 8:18

Monday, July 23, 2012

Tough Monday!

Rough day, was thinking about taking a rest day after 2 days of running, but decided to hit xfit. Did 2 prowler pulls w/ 60# down and back 200ft.
70 Burpees
60 sit ups
50 KB swings 55#
40 Pull ups
30 Hand Stand Push Ups.... had to finish push ups on a box after 14. These were brutal. Felt good going into the KBs. Flew through burpees and sit ups. Took KBs 5x10. Pull ups were 10,8,5,5,4,4,4 ish. Tore my palm pretty good and stopped to wrap it in tape. HSPU just destroyed me. Only got 2, then 1 or 2 at a time. Was taking too much time, so just had to finish on the box... that sucked! 26 min+

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Back from Vaca

Headed to XFit on Sat. Ran 7 miles before hand with some quick pick ups. Then the WOD, Crossfit Disco:
Power Cleans 75% BW - 108#
Pull ups
13:05 - took it steady and easy, just lifting the weight.

Sunday went for an easy trail run in Indian Camp Creek. Did 9.5 miles in 1hour 36 minutes. Felt pretty good.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Post Vacation

Wednesday was a rest day with yoga and walking.
Thursday did speed work, 2 mi warm up; then 4x1 mile repeats @ <6:30 pace; 2 mile cool down.
Friday was.... more speed work. WOD - 10 RFT - 15 push ups + 180 ft sprint, rest 60 sec. Avg 25 sec. Push ups got tough, and even the sprints were rough.
Left for KC friday afternoon. Sat morning was Psycho Summer 20 mile trail race.
This race was CRAZY! Sooo many people dropping out, or dropping down in distance. The course was a 10+ mile trail, had to run it twice. It started pretty slow, with lots of traffic, until the first aid station, around mile 2 or 3?

Ran an easy 5 miles in SD on Sunday, just to test out the legs. Very slow and sore.
Didnt run the rest of the time on vacation.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Signed up for Psycho Psummer 20miler

Monday started the week off with heavy front squats. 10 minutes, every minute do 5 front squats. Did a couple warm up sets, then started at 95# for the first 8 sets. Bumped up to 115# for 3 more. Tried to do a couple high weight stack jumps, but did not have it.
Tuesday was an easy run, legs are SORE. Did 7 miles at 8:54 pace.  Tried to keep the heart rate <140... mostly managed to, some of the hills ruined it.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Weekend 7/7 - 7/8

Saturday was a long run. Headed to Lost Valley to get in 16-20, depending on feel. Had some blueberry coconut yogurt for breakfast, then fueled with UCan 30 min before the run. Brought along 1 Hammer Gel and 1 chia block, 1 handheld bottle of water and one waist carry bottle with Endurolyte Fizz.
Ate the block around mile 7? Took the gel somewhere between 10 and 14? Wish I remembered, really needed more fuel. Still not working well with Ucan stuff.
Felt like I hit the wall around mile 14 or 15, felt like hell the rest of the way. Had to walk more than I wanted, and cut it just short of 18 miles. Another 11min pace trail run... weak.

Sunday was pretty tired, but headed out to meet the group for a bike ride. Rode 10 over to LSL, then we headed out... different course this time. Went to Femme Osage, with some crazy hills! Legs were spent. Pulled off from the group at Hwy N on the way home. Ended up with 50 miles for the day.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Week in review 7/3 - 7-6

Tuesday did an easy 6.5 mile loop through town. Legs were pretty tired from the walking lunges and box jumps yesterday.
Wednesday - July 4th - Firecracker 10K race. Did a 2 mile warmup, just planning on running tempo (7 min) pace. It was hot and hilly. Ended up 44 min with just over 7 min pace... and even took 2nd in AG. Decent race, didn't get much of a cool down though... So rode my bike up to the parade in town when we got home. Ride home was rough, but only 4 or 5 miles total.
Thurs - Heavy squat/power Clean and Jerk. Started at 65#? and went up to 135#, failed at 140#. Had to make a couple attempts at the heavier weights, but succeeded! 20 minutes of lifting.
Friday - should have been a rest day. Did a VERY easy 4 miles out and back. Then walked the dog before dinner 2 miles.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Triple B's

Skill work on headstand. Then 4x 50ft overhead walking lunges. 3x 35#, 1x45#.
Burpee Box Jumps 20"
Ball Slams 30#
5:43 - steady pace, but should have pushed harder. This was a lung burner.
Finished with 1 20# vest rope climb + 2 un-weighted, then 5 wall climbs.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Week in training 6/23-7/1

Saturday was a long run day. Decided to run on the Katy instead of heading to Grants trail, figured the path was softer. Temps warmed up quick, but not too bad. Felt good through mile 17, but as usual, the last couple miles were rough! Had to walk a bunch in last mile or two.
Sunday went on an easy 20 mile bike out to LSL and back.
Monday was  Xfit - WOD
10 Power Cleans 115#?
5 CTB/5 Pull ups
Cleans felt good, c2b were rough, only got a couple each round.
Tuesday did 9 easy on the trail at Indian Camp Creek, did an out and back route just to see the difference.
Wednesday did another 9 miles at ICC, but headed the other direction on the trail, out and back. Legs were pretty spent, and felt much slower. Plus had numerous stops for phone conference.
Thurs was rest. Walked the dog 2 miles. Then dropped the truck off at the shop and rode mtn bike home, and back up to pick it up. Maybe 5-6 miles total.
Friday was Xfit again. WOD was 1 Hang clean to 2 front squats. Starting with 60% and moving up for 7 rounds. Made it to 135#, failed at 140#.
Also started trying to do 100 push ups each day. Made it wed, thur and fri. Plus did 100 sit ups on wed and thur?
Saturday was IronKids triathlon for Wyatt. Got a 9 mile run in after the tri and before lunch. Chowed on some Shakespheres pizza and YoGo after.
Sunday got to ride with Bob and the Fleet feet team. Did 42 miles total including riding over to LSL and home. Pushed pretty hard pace and hills in St Paul.