Saturday, May 26, 2012

Soldier Field 10 mile

Had a great race!!! Definitely could have pushed harder and run faster, but feel good about the effort.
Took a cab to the race and had to stand in line for bathroom the whole time they were calling for us to be in the corrals. Made it to the corrals with just enough time to jog for maybe a half mile or so.
They had a pretty long pre race ceremony, but it was cool. They even honored Jason Dement!
The race started in waves, each corral being released a minute or more apart. The first couple miles were a little crowded, and it held the pace back some. When it did open up, there was a good tail wind that made the first 5 miles feel effortless. The u turn changed everything... major head wind! It was blowing pretty good the whole way back, but still kept a negative split going. Last mile was the fastest.. by over a minute.
Finished in a sprint down to the 50 yard line of Soldier Field. Great event!

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