Saturday, May 12, 2012

Multi Run day... not so good

Scheduled for 20 miles, decided to break it up. Did a nice 4 mile run as a warm up @ 8:40 pace, then ran the K4K 5k with Wyatt. We did it in 28 min, 9min pace. Not bad, but he can do better. After we waited for mom to make it in. (I think this waiting around standing may have contributed to the bad run later.) I also decided to try UCAN today, so drank a bottle of it while waiting.
Once she had cooled down and was off with Wyatt (waiting to do the mad dash), I took off to complete my miles. They did not come easy.. not sure if it was the heat, the nutrition, the shoes... or what! I was pretty spent and hurting at 5 miles out where I turned around. On the way back, swung in to Bangert island trails, did a little over 3 miles on the trail, then headed back to meet the family. 13 miles @ a crappy 10min pace.. and it felt horrible. Feet were killing, arches hurt, ankles hurt.... probably should have cashed in early.
Destroyed the Chinese Buffet after the run!

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