Saturday, April 28, 2012


Warmed up with .5 mile before leaving, then 1.5 once there. The race course was backwards from last year, and included a loop around campus. Not a bad run. Kept it very conservative first mile, around 7min. Picked it up a little for mile 2. Mile 3 and 4 must have had more hills, slowed back to almost 7. Pulled it back down some for 5 and 6, not able to push very hard to finish though. Overall, kind of a flat performance, never felt strong. Didn't feel like I was pushing super hard, just struggling to maintain. Should have been able to hold faster pace...
Ran a cool down after the race before Wyatts mile race, got in 4 miles. Then ran around to cheer Wyatt on in his mile. He did it in 6:40, taking 4th male.
Right after, I convinced Wyatt to do the 5K at a slow pace with me! Some walking and shuffling, but he did awesome!
Ended with just under 16 for the day. And a 1st place AG medal.

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