Friday, April 06, 2012

Friday thrusters

Skill work - Strict pull ups. Did 3x10 strict. Started each round with 5# weight. Did 2+2 Lsit pull ups last round.
Skin the cat - 4 rounds. working on strict leg raise at start.
30# DB Thrusters
Push Ups
7:17 - Shoulders gave out first... expected the legs to go, but really had to throw the weight to get it over head. Even push ups slowed pretty good.

Headed back for Core class. Warmup was 2 rounds of - 10 burpees, 2 suicide runs, bear crawl.
Skill work was push ups, worked negatives; and hollow body - did tabata hollow rocks with tuckups during the rest. Managed about 16 tuck ups... rough!
400m run
25 Air Squats
5:52 - legs are SPENT!

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